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So there is a Tumblr page dedicated to side by side images of Capybaras that look like professional tennis player Rafael Nadal. First of all, you must understand that,in most cases, the children have to sort out the relationship and resolve the conflict themselves. You should develop a clear strategy to resolve children's conflicts and never deviate from it,you should not make concessions to anyone, keep calm and be as objective as possible.
Remember that conflicts are not just a part of our life, but also a kind of way to progress. I Can't Stop Laughing At What Happens Next!She Emailed Tech Support Complaining About Her Husband. But sometimes this happiness is alloyed by the fact that children can’t get along with each other and they are constantly quarrel, arguing at trifles, or even fighting.
Many parents only amplify the conflict between children butting in and trying to reconcile the children. However, some parents are still allowing this unfortunate mistake and usually selecting the youngest child as favorite.
If the conflict moved to a fight, don’t rush to punish the children not understanding thefight cause.

Constructive conflict always leads to an improvement of actual relationships between people.
This situation can occur regardless of the age difference between the children, theirgender, etc. If the scandals and the fights break out regularly, you should think about the fact that your system of education is likely failed and should be revised. Set the measures of punishment and those are the same for all parties which will be executed if the parties start quarrel or fight. Distract the attention of the children with anything; they need to recover rapidlyfrom the quarrel.
Explain that children should immediately speak to youwhen the conflict is brewing, or to solve their problems on their own and as adults. An illustrative example in education is stronger than thousands of repetition of any conditions. Also it can lead to other children will set up against the favorite one and against the parents.
If one of your children demonstrates excessive proneness to conflict and constantly snitches, you should talk to him in private, you also can refer to a child psychologist.

If the parents are trying to teach children to resolve their conflicts constructively, but quarrelling and brawling themselves, the children will never learn it. Perhaps one of the children or both have a problem with inability to cope with stress and anger. You may need to work on your own conflict and learn to compromise in conflicts that are taking place not only between children, but also in the conflict situations directly related to yourself. Teach children not to interrupt each other, not to put pressure on yourcompassion, and to be objective.
If you always resolve disputes over children, they won’t learn to come out of the conflict situation in adult life.

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