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It also focuses on equipping us for evangelism, encouraging everyone to intentionally share the good news of Jesus Christ, inviting family, neighbours, friends and workmates to come to church.
Worship at The Potter’s Wheel Christian Fellowship embraces all forms of worship styles from traditional hymns to both mainstream and in-house contemporary worship songs. Our objective is to create an open atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can move freely and individuals can express their worship to God in the way they feel most comfortable. Jesus affirmed the importance of prayer, stressing both an individual and corporate prayer life. Prayer occupied a very prominent place and played an important part in the earthly life of our Lord.
And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, He went out, and departed into a aolitary place, and there prayed.
And it came to pass in those days that he went out unto a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God. The Potter’s Wheel Christian Fellowship recognizes the critical importance of prayer and is committed to offering various prayer opportunities towards building our individual faith, our church family, and impacting our community. This key prayer time allow us to abandon our desires and weekly distractions in order to prepare our hearts for service. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. There is no such thing as an accidentally healthy, thriving Children’s Church, which in turn feeds the growth and effectiveness of the church. Our Children’s program for ages 3 - 5 and 6 - 8 year olds encourage children to focus on the one most important thing in life: a growing relationship with Jesus. Our tween program for ages 9-12 year olds is designed to equip families to talk about and apply their faith together. Our mid-week Christian education time contributes to the ongoing effort of individuals to understand, practice and spread the Word of God.
We are currently using a variety of Christian video resources combined with a time of worship, group discussion and prayer.
Our Youth Sports Night, available during the school year (September to June) is currently led by a spiritually minded couple attending our church.
We strive to create an environment where the well-being of children is put first over a win-at-all-cost attitude; a place where even if you are not the best player, you can still have an opportunity to play and have fun. We believe that God will work through this ministry to reach youth in the community that might not be able to be presented with the Gospel in a more traditional setting. We have created a ministry that honours God not only in word but in action by modeling Christian values through a high quality dedicated leadership. The Potter’s Wheel Christian Fellowship currently offers VBS for children during March break and separately to both children and youth over a two week period in the summer. Outreaches, collaborations and missions are important aspects of our ministry, and more importantly, of our walk with God as individuals. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me. Our outreaches have been varied activities aimed at sharing God’s love with the people in our community. Our collaborations with other Christian and charitable organizations in our immediate and broader community enable us to help meet needs that we could not on our own. One of our key collaborations is with the Aylmer Ministerial, a cross-denominational gathering of leaders from local Christian churches and ministries.
Our collaborations also take us outside our christian environment and allow us to contribute and have influence in key secular arenas. We participate in an annual free Christmas dinner provided to the less fortunate and lonely in the community.
Local, national and international missions are important in obeying the call of Christ to make disciples of all the nations.
We always pray with our kids before bed and they are beginning to enjoy praying on their own. Great post again Amanda… I truly believe that once they start to talk, they are ready to pray. My kids are now adults, but because we began this practice of praying at bedtime and mealtime, as well as other times when they were young, it feels very comfortable to talk openly about praying about what is going on in their lives today. When our kids were really little we attempted to get into the habit of reading the Bible with them every day. Response to Reality: I see evidence of God every day in my children and in the world He created.
We pray regularly at night and throughout the day, but I found my 4.5 year old was struggling. My daughter is almost 20 months now but we have prayed this out loud at bed time since she was born.
I grew up with the Wee Sing Bible Songs and was amazed to find it and immediately bought it for my children seeing it was still around so we do try to incorporate some music but even then he starts to shut down.
I also want to add that I’ve also gotten a kids devotional book and it comes with music to play.
I feel they need a simple base to start understanding prayer and they can build it in to their own conversations in time as they grow older.
Another side note, is that now my daughter is learning to read, I wrote the prayer out so she was saying and understanding her prayer more and practicing reading to boot!
I have no problem letting my children chose their own path to faith when they are old enough but I have to give them the values I believe in while I raise them through these early years when they are too young to choose for themselves.
Family Prayer Wheel  The Family Prayer Wheel is ideal for when a family gathers for meals or any time when the family gathers for prayer.
Prayer Prompt Cards  These I Can Talk to God cards help spark ideas for prayer while also teaching that prayer is about thanking and interceding for others as well as asking for things we need.
Little Fingers Faith Walk Adults struggle with prayer because many feel there is a "right way" to pray and they do not know it. The same ones who dismissed the iPhone, couldn't make heads or tails of the iPod touch, never "got" the platform play or the importance of the App Store, let alone parse through the earnings impact of Apple's subscription-based accounting relative to its mobile peers (RIM, Nokia, et al). And don't even get me started on how totally these same folks are dazedly staring into space as they contemplate Wednesday's Apple Tablet announcement, and how it feeds the next leg of Apple's growth, while throwing a lifeline to print media. Listening to Apple's earnings call yesterday, then the chatter across a number of technology, investing and Apple-focused sites, and finally, watching the stock go up, down and sideways, I am reminded that when you are working from the wrong narrative, faulty storylines are destined to emerge.
Worse yet, when you are attempting to tidily bucket the gravitational force of emergent ecosystems using simplistic and dated logic about markets, makers, consumers and value chains, you can't possibly hope to see the full picture. This leads some to under-factor the impact and durability of the new market innovation, such as seeing Apple in terms of old Windows v. Others, view the company purely as a widget maker with stylistic marketing and over-priced, high-end products, a growth story destined to reach rapid maturity, then stagnation, decay and finally, demise (the law of averages suggests that not everything Apple does will succeed, right?).

Finally, others see the company as only as strong as its weakest link (how long can iPhone grow before it's game over?).
But what the Apple naysayers still don't get is that not only can Apple and Steve Jobs see the future, but they are committed to changing it by reworking the communications, computing and media landscape with the digital consumer at the center of the equation. No less, Apple is doing so with a coherent vision, clear tactics and an execution-oriented culture, something yesterday's earnings further bear out.
Ironically, the same company that is dubbed evil by some, too proprietary by others and too pricey by still others is actually winning in the market by democratizing the relationship between consumers and media, application & communication providers. Only Apple is providing an end-to-end platform that yields consumers surplus access to application and media libraries, where artificial or logistical scarcity once existed, all the while giving application builders and media creators a guaranteed path to distribution, reach and monetization. Moreover, I am guessing that a significant reboot of Apple TV is imminent, as it represents a natural piggyback on top of the media-centricity of the Apple Tablet, and Apple is all about leverage.
After all, this is Steve Jobs' legacy on the line, his final act, so to speak, and that understanding frames why Wednesday's Applet Tablet announcement should not be seen as simply iPhone redux or Netbook on steroids, but rather as the signature moment on a truly epic career.
It's worth noting that this quarter's earnings (and Apple earnings moving forward) were favorably impacted by the Company's adoption of new FASB accounting standards that allow Apple to move away from subscription-based accounting (on iPhone and Apple TV) and recognize both income and reflect the majority of product costs on iPhone and Apple TV at the time of purchase (versus ratably over each product's estimated economic life).
As such, about half of the impact of the upward surge in revenue and profits came from the company's adoption of the new accounting standards, which I had previously blogged about HERE.
In tandem, the Company retrospectively adopted the new accounting principles as if the new accounting principles had been applied in all prior periods since the launch of iPhone and Apple TV in fiscal 2007 (through fiscal 2009), an approach that should provide analysts and investors the most comparable and useful financial information from which to evaluate the underlying performance of the Company's business.
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Not surprisingly, the teenagers I know who actually enjoy spending time with their mothers are teenagers that I really enjoy spending time with as well!  Now who wouldn't want to raise children like that? He recognized charitable giving, material offerings, and voluntary fasting as forms of prayer, teaching that the most vital aspects of prayer are a clean heart and one's private communication with God. Without it our witness would be far less effective and we would be far more vulnerable to the enemy.
These include weekly corporate prayer in the nursery on Wednesday evenings and pre-service prayer every Sunday before service in the church lounge.
It edifies and unifies us to the plans God has for The Potter’s Wheel Christian Fellowship.
We cooperate with God to bring about His plan for each Sunday service, not bend Him to our will.
KING's KIDS seeks to provide strong teaching that comes from the intentional preparation, personal hunger for and application of the Bible, and the passionate communication of the Word of God of our leaders and helpers.
Each class learns about the same Bible point or theme each month with similar memory verses. Its aim is to bring persons closer to Christ by developing an understanding of, commitment to, and ability to practice solid and practical Christian teachings; and to involve individuals in discovering the gifts God has given, and to assist them in developing and using these gifts in Christian service. We have endeavoured to create a ministry for youth of all backgrounds dedicated to sports based on biblical principals like integrity, fairness, teamwork, accountability, mutual respect and love. We have had a variety of meals open to the public designed to create a friendly and safe atmosphere where we can get to know and meet the needs around us. They enable the power of God to flow more freely by providing a more strategic framework and approach to reaching larger needs in the community. We partner with them in the Walk of the Cross, a walk on Good Friday to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and pray for local churches and organizations in the local community. These include the World’s Addiction Conference in Mexico City in September 2009 and Beyond 2008, an initiative of the Vienna Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) Committee on Narcotic Drugs, implemented in partnership with the United Nations Office on Drug Crime (UNDOC) and financially supported by the European Commission, governments, and a number of other NGOs. We also participate and support Camp Awesome, a one week Christian Bible camp open to all children in the community. We are financially and prayerfully supporting a small Cuban church in their outreach to lost souls in that country. I realized a few months after my daughter could start putting sentences together that I could teach her how to pray.
Although my little ones have flown the nest and are now adults, praying on their own, I can tell you from this mom perspective I am so glad I developed this habit early on in their lives. So the praying as a family continues…sometimes with just a little more distance and the help of the phone! This was a bit hit and miss for a while until we began including it into our bedtime routine. That lasted a short while and then once I started falling behind he lost interest and I couldn’t get him reincorporated into it. To add some anecdotal perspective, I was raised by Christian parents, went to church and sometimes a Christian school.
The purpose is to teach children in particular a variety of prayer forms and to encourage all family members to pray out loud in a group.
The labyrinth helps toddlers and parents pray together beyond "close your eyes and kneel." Many adults embrace the kinesthetic prayer practice of the labyrinth in the same way children will. You know, the folks who saw Apple as a consumer-dependent, overpriced house of cards that was destined to collapse when the economic downturn hit. Macintosh paradigms, with the outcome pre-ordained (Apple has to ultimately lose, doesn't it?). That means that the Company is now sitting on a $40 billion hoard of cash (or cash equivalents). Well, Apple gave a wet kiss to AT&T, calling them a great partner, and emphatically stating that AT&T has a detailed plan to fix performance issues in the few cities where there are known issues, a plan which Apple has seen and believes in.
Finally, Cook conveyed high confidence relative to channel inventory management, always comforting in such a high volume, rapid-growth segment.
This was in line with expectations, a trend that should only increase, as the traditional iPod segment is very mature, but which also represents a category being leapfrogged by the iPod touch.
You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Making sure I'm really listening is one of the hardest things for me to do and really try to make an effort to give my full attention. It provides a regular weekly opportunity to deepen our relationship with Jesus and each other as we come together as a church family for a time of encouragement, empowering, teaching, prayer and worship.

Our worship team is made up of a gifted leader and individuals who have made themselves available in service to God.
It brings God and His resources into our lives allowing divine resources to influence human reality. A prayer line is also in operation and available to our church family for specific prayer requests. The Holy Spirit knits us together in a unique bond of fellowship found nowhere else in life. Our lessons encourage children to weave faith into life by providing meaningful activities, great discussions, and personal challenges.
Therefore, families can talk about the same theme and apply it to their lives throughout the week. He met them in their need, shared the love of God with them, and brought them back into a right relationship with God.
We also had our first fundraiser for the purchase of a specialized hearing aid for a young woman in our community.
The relationship that has been fostered has been a blessing to not only them, but to us as well. You can teach your child how to pray for their friends when their friend gets hurt or doesn’t feel well. Prayer is just a conversation with God and should be whenever and whatever our hearts feel led. We always want our kids to know that prayer is talking to God about any and everything, anytime.
I also put prayers on colored Popsicle sticks yellows are pray for family, friends, home etc. With our young children we didn’t teach them the words to their prayer, they just decided what they wanted to say and say pretty much the same thing every night.
I struggle with the fact that my husband and I do see differently but he’s not objective to it, just on his own battlefield now which makes it difficult for him.
I just wanted to throw my two cents in, even if it is a very different point of view from everyone here. I understand it is a popular view in our world today to allow our children to decide what they believe on their own and not sway our children in our religious beliefs.
More to the point, though, they sidestepped the exclusivity question, noting that the addition of iPhone carriers in markets leads to incremental sales gains, which is another way of saying that while more is better, it may not be world-beating better, since the trade-off for sacrificing exclusivity is lower subsidies, and likely, lower margins. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Our curriculum takes children past head knowledge of the Bible and into heart- and life-change. We also financially support and participate with other local ministries and organizations that include Tender Loving Care Children Ministries (TLCCM) and Ottawa Innercity Ministries (OIM) and other various organizations. I have seen a friend’s child do this and it warms my heart to see that child learn compassion. Blessings to you, the mom crowd and your families this holiday season and throughout the new year. I have to remind myself sometimes that this is one of the most important things we can teach our kids. When we limit that with kids at an early age that could limit their prayer life in the future, and ultimately limit their relationship with God. Once before we he had truly learned it, when he was about 2, my brother bowed his head, put his hands together, and just jabbered some wrds together, said Amen, and set up to eat. The most likely outcome, in my opinion, is the Apple Tablet launching with multiple domestic carriers, and only then, an end to AT&T's exclusivity with iPhone.
It doesn’t stop there - each week, children are held accountable for the way they’ve lived out their faith during the past week. In the same way, I would not leave my child uninstructed in faith for fear for their immortal soul, which is immensely more valuable.
The problem is that the world is teaching our children and our youth and it starts at a very young age. We focus on strong Biblical teachings and the fact that we believe in their idea that “stronger families make stronger churches”. In our bedtime routine I may read the bedtime book, but Daddy always comes in for the prayer time. I try to explain that we should thank God every day for what He gives us and that its important to pray for others and ask for forgiveness. Just think what magazines, TV, media, music, movies and the world teaches our children about what is valuable and how to be happy.
I don’t agree that my daughter can only find value by wether or not men find her sexy. I am very thankful for the love of God and importance and power of prayer she instilled in us at a Rey young age. That said, because God is God, there is a lifetime of learning and developing for anyone who seeks it. I don’t believe that a lot of the things the world teaches about how to be happy is true.
Amen!” It is fun, because sometimes my daughter will include others in the list of blessing.
They may not seem that they are paying attention, but it certainly sets the tone that prayer is a normal part of life. The truth is, If we don’t teach our children our values, faith and beliefs, they will undoubtedly learn it but from all the outside influences.
It’s grounding and reassuring to know that they are loved not only by earthly parents but are divine and are children of God, as we all are. I don’t feel my parents forced me into my faith, but set an example by how they lived, and I hope to do the same for my children. That knowledge is so powerful and I choose to teach my children from day one, about who they are.
I believe it to be a very sacred duty as a mother, wife and parent to teach my children in every way. It is one of Satan’s deceptions that we should sit by and let our children learn for themselves.

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