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Jodie Rodriguez is a National Board Certified teacher, reading specialist and administrator with over 17 years of experience.
My 22 month old has also gone through phases of wanting to rip books especially lift-the-flaps. Subscribe below for regular updates and a FREE copy of Seasonal Kids Activities and more great freebies! Unless otherwise stated, each of the activities shared on this blog require adult supervision at ALL times.
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However, despite your best efforts, if you are unable to teach your child concentration, and lack of concentration is badly affecting his studies, immediately seek professional help.
Start Simple: Emphasizing a need to say please and thank you at appropriate times is the foundation of good manners.
Annie GoldbergAnnie Goldberg is a behavior analyst with a master's degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis.
Each class that arrives to physical education must enter the gym, get into personal space and await the teacher's instructions. The sooner you teach your children how to maintain good oral hygiene the better it will be. Nothing will impress your children more than watching you brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis. In order to make kids understand what happens if they do not brush their teeth, look for pictures from old magazines.
Much as you are trying to emphasize on the importance of brushing, you should also teach kids the right way to brush teeth. Teaching Your Child Positive Self Esteem Find a Center 800-877-5500 Menu Understanding the Issues Why is My Child Struggling? I would add that it is usually necessary to teach young ones how to hold and carry books properly (hug to chest when walking with a book, for example) For older children, they should be taught not to write in books they do not own, and to use a bookmark to hold their place rather than folding over the corner.
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With the encroachment of television and computer games in the lives of our kids, making them concentrate on their studies have become more difficult.

Before teaching your child how to concentrate, you should first help him recognize concentration in others.
It is important for your child to realize that employing good manners is a full-time job, whether at school, home or with their friends. Teachers and fellow parents will have easier and more enjoyable conversations with your child (and you will too!). A student "caught being ready" (sitting still, listening, etc.) is chosen every class to go to the stage to be the Stretch Captain. Her newest adventure is the creation of the Growing Book by Book blog dedicated to helping caregivers nurture young readers.
Show him when your spouse is reading or cooking, your older child is studying or even when your pet cat is waiting for a prey in the yard, and tell him that they are concentrating on their work.
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Studies have shown that most eight-year-old kids could not concentrate for more than ten minutes.
After your child recognizes concentration in others, help him to recognize concentration in himself. Hence if your child loves sports, music or painting, encourage him to develop his skills in his favorite fields. We all know that mere compliance can sometimes be a monumental task; however, it is important to work with your child so that his or her behavior complies with social norms and etiquette. Involve your child by asking them to “please pass” food items and praise them for showing good manners. As a result, your expectations are reasonable and you will be able to track their progress!
When you find that your child is concentrating on a particular game or TV show, allow him to finish his activity.
When a child communicates effectively as well as courteously, he or she will be treated with equal courtesy! This limits the number of students who raise their hands and challenges those students who do not know their multiples to learn them so that they may be chosen for a future class. By making such regular visits, your children will get a chance to hear from an authoritative person.

The Stretch Captain will read and lead each stretch from the list of stretches, while counting to 10 or whatever multiple is chosen times 10. Upon completion, the Stretch Captain will roll the fitness die to determine what fitness activity all students must perform.
This will make them eager to brush their teeth and thereby develop good teeth brushing habits. This is a great incentive for entering the gym correctly because EVERYONE wants to be the Stretch Captain! As a caring parent, you make it your goal to praise your child and make him or her feel special. One mother relates, “My daughter had trouble for months when she came home from first grade. Since she deals with sensory processing disorder and motor skill delays, school is very challenging.
Even though I praised her, she didn’t truly believe those good things about herself until we worked together to boost her self-worth.” If you think your child has low self-esteem, what can you do to help?
If your child has a hard time thinking of ways to self-praise, point out something small and see if you can build on that.
Do you think you acted like a good friend then?” Invite your child to tell you about her good qualities. Once your child is willing to admit he or she did well in one way, invite him or her to expound on that. Read Cooper’s Story She wouldn’t talk to her teachers, could barely read on a pre-K level, and her math skills were nonexistent.
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