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5 CommentsFiled Under: Family Tagged With: 2 year old Kids Parenting Terrible TwosSubscribe to Updates! When you subscribe to Extraordinary Mommy, you’ll get updates every time we publish - so you won’t miss a post! These points have been developed from being inspired by my experiences being an Aunty & being a babysitter. Some of these food ideas are also great for teens and adults alike so don’t be afraid to try them!
The list is organized into three sections: For the Warmer Months, For the Cooler Months, Anytime Foods and, Foods for Special Occasions.
Frozen berries- raspberries and strawberries are great- they look just like lollies, are colourful and are moderately sweet.
Add a small amount of some warming foods and spices to your and their food and drinks like fresh Ginger to help you and them sweat and cool down naturally. Sweet potato cube chips: sweet potatoes washed and cut into small cubes then blanched, covered with a little bit of coconut or olive oil, turmeric and baked until soft and a little bit crispy. Breakfasts: soaked porridges (made with such grain flakes as oats, quinoa or amaranth), scrambled eggs, french toast made with essene bread, fruit salad topped with a nut or seed butter.
Blended bright fruit smoothies- or for the adventurous child try a green smoothie made with 1 type of fruit, 1 type of green leafy (such as spinach) and water. Cakes and biscuits made with whole grains, natural sweeteners and real flavourings (vanilla extract (not vanilla essence) etc).

Or what were some healthy snacks you enjoyed as a child or healthier versions of those snacks you loved? Subscribe to Health Food Lover by Email (This signs you up to get my Feed sent straight to your email).
With every way you entered please leave a comment for each entry to let me know you entered that way. I am a huge fan of hidden vegies in meals – so meatloaf or pasta with lots of grated vegies.
Right now all my baby eats is stage two foods but I try to keep him healthy by only giving him organic or homemade foods! I’ve been lucky with my daughter (which probably mean my son will be a bear when he gets there), as she eats well.
I always enjoyed carrot sticks and little packets of raisins when I was a kid (in fact I still enjoy both). She is also a passionate writer, recipe-creator and all-round foodie from Melbourne, Australia.
I also am influenced by Karen’s book (read more about her book below) and from my current studies in Naturopathy. Hope you enjoy them and feel free to add your own in the comments section (and please enter the GIVEAWAY below!). Karen’s book helps parents to encourage their children and teens to eat healthier by providing strategies to market food to them like a business would!

For more information on the book (where you can also purchase it)A have a look at this page on Karen’s Website. If you are unsure if any of the foods mentioned are right for you or your child please see your health care professional]. I give him his veggies first, either right before or during a meal, so that he won’t get full and not eat them. He’s never tasted fast food, etc, so he only knows about fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains, etc. My kids will try almost anything because they have always had a variety of healthy foods to choose from. The points are spread out between age groups; some may be suitable for younger children and other points for elder kids.
Her approach helps kids to learn why and how they will benefit from eating food that is good for them. I haven’t specified ages- what foods would be suitable for one child may be unsuitable for another. She also provides ways to explain why they will want to eat certain foods rather than just being told they have to eat it or giving the common answer that ita€™s just healthy and they need to eat those foods.

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