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Whether the stool is being used for one child or five, The Cozy Greens® Child Step Stool will help them step with confidence as they reach for the things they need.
You can also leave a review in the comment box below, if you have experiences with this particular product. Description Item # 11435Perfect for potty training your child, the Step by Step Potty and step stool is a complete potty training system. Any product with a “FREE Shipping” contributes towards the $35 order minimum for free shipping.
Whether it is used in the bathroom for toilet training, or to help around the house, our stool eliminates the fears associated with climbing.
The stool features GrippyGuidance FeetTM as an example of where to step, and is constructed from durable materials that are easy to clean. If for any reason you an unsatisfied with your purchase, simply call us and we will fully refund your money, AND send a replacement product at no additional charge. For this reason, we donate 5% of our proceeds to Child’s Life Chances for Children Charity to help improve the quality of life of children in need.

Every Cozy Green® bathroom stool is constructed from durable materials meant to last a lifetime. As a company, it’s our mission to create love and happiness in the lives of all we touch. With a built in lid and toilet tissue holder, this potty helps parents encourage and teach important hygiene habits.
Our ergonomic design features our GrippySafe Anti-Slip RingTM which prevents it from slipping, and helps your child to be both comfortable and safe. The GrippySafe Anti-Slip Ring™ prevents shifting and improves your child’s stability, while the GrippyGuidance Feet™ give them a playful example of where to step, and eliminates the fear of falling. Our lightweight and easy to clean child step stools are award winning in their design, and maximize both safety and comfort.
If you experience ANY problems with your step stool FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT, contact us and we will refund every penny of your purchase, AND ship you a new foot stool FREE of charge. Secure Card Payment is always offered, when buying through Amazon: Accepted credit cards include Visa, Diners Club, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB.

For parents using the stool for help with toilet training, The Cozy Greens® child step stool also includes a bonus illustrated eBook with tips and techniques for a successful potty training experience. The ergonomic design of the stool will help it to fit around the toilet for use when potty training.
As opposed to other stepping stools used for potty training that get in the way of others using the bathroom, the Cozy Greens® stepping stool for toddlers hugs the toilet, allowing it to be less of a disruption to the flow of your bathroom. Order your Cozy Greens® step stool today and experience a better way for your little one to climb. By choosing a Cozy Greens® kid step stool, not only are you getting an amazing product at a price you can afford, you are also helping improve the quality of life for other children.

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