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Two rival pranksters headline this boisterous series opener set in Yawnee Valley, “the cow capital of the United States, this side of the Mississippi, excluding a couple of towns that cheat.” Barnett (the Brixton Brothers series) and John (All My Friends Are Dead) are in perfect comic harmony, filling their story with exaggerated archetypes (the overbearing principal, the do-gooder), pranks gone awry, and wisecracking banter.
Mac Barnett and Jory John are delighting middle grade readers with their new book, "The Terrible Two," about Miles Murphy, a prankster extraordinaire who moves to a new school, only to find there is already a prankster there. They write: "On your first day at a new school in a new town, you got to decide what kind of kid you were going to be. Miles arrives at his new school on the first day only to find that the principal's car is blocking the front entrance.
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The writers reportedly visited 22 schools over the course of one week for their children's book. Woodville Library of Houston's Woodview Elementary expressed on Twitter how happy staff were with the authors’ visit.
The Terrible Two is the first in a series of books by the terribly great team of Mac Barnett and Jory John, detailing the rivalry that erupts between Miles Murphy and Niles Sparks, two pre-teen pranksters.

Collected here are some of my favorite illustrations from the book, along with some early concept art and cover ideas. He has illustrated several books, websites, and comics, and has been doing it for quite a long time now. If you have a book you want Kevin to illustrate, please get in touch with his agent, the distinguished Steve Malk. Once switched the container of white sugar with salt, resulting in a cookie-baking catastrophe 2. On his first day at Yawnee Valley Science and Letters Academy, master trickster Miles is impressed that someone has moved Principal Barkin’s car to block the school entrance—and distressed that he wasn’t the perpetrator. This is a tragedy of sorts for Miles because his whole persona is based on his prankster-ness. There are the demands of drawing in an audience, answering questions, and signing many copies of books.
Juliet Morefield of Oregon’s Multnomah County Library reviewed the book favorably for School Library Journal, writing that “Coauthors and friends Barnett and John have created a fast paced, laugh-out-loud novel sure to appeal to those who appreciate a good prank and have a sense of justice….. So when he's forced to move to boring Yawnee Valley (also known for one thing and one thing only: cows), he assumes he'll be the best prankster at his new school too. Determined to establish his prankster dominance, Miles masterminds a huge birthday party—presents required—for a fictitious peer, who (somehow) shows up to wow the crowd and abscond with the gifts.

You could be the kid who knows everything about old cars, or current events, or World War I. And eventually Miles learns who the amazingly competent prankster is -- someone above suspicion, someone who has the principal's trust, someone who wants to team up with Miles. If you consider yourself an accomplished jester, I highly recommend visiting the official website of The Terrible Two, to take the prankster's oath, share your own pranks, or find out where Mac and Jory will be appearing next. Eventually, Miles finally forms a partnership with his unlikely nemesis to create a “secret society founded on mutual admiration and the joy of pranking.” Cornell’s (The Chicken Squad) b&w cartoons layer on the laughs, especially when portraying the megalomaniacal Principal Barkin, and Barnett and John’s deadpan writing lets Yawnee Valley’s absurdity shine. 13, tells the story of Miles, a boy who moves to a new school in the town of Yawnee Valley. But in Yawnee Valley he soon realizes there’s someone who may be a serious threat when it comes to his title. Cathy Berner of Texas’s Blue Willow Bookshop, who helped to organize, recently wrote a column for industry newsletter Shelf Awareness detailing the extremely busy tour.

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