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Hoarding is defined as “a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them.” Hoarding is often, though not always, a symptom of psychiatric disorder. Most of us have a drawer or a closet filled with things we’ve been meaning to sort through. This stuff ends up taking over homeowners’ homes, and, in worst case scenarios, their lives. OK, outside of maybe Martha Stewart, we all have junk scattered around our home, but how do you know if you have a hoarding problem?
As comedian Jeff Foxworthy might joke, If the pile of 15-year-old Domino’s pizza boxes is blocking your route from your bed to the bathroom at the critical hour of 3 in the morning, you might be a hoarder. Excessive home clutter poses safety hazards like tripping, fire hazards (namely, stacks of yellowing newspapers and magazines), health hazards (from breathing the dust, mildew and fungus living on clutter) and makes finding needed items all but impossible. Though much is still unknown about the root causes of hoarding, psychologists report compulsive hoarding often as a symptom of a psychiatric disorder like obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention-deficit disorder or depression. Dorothy Breininger, CEO of the Center for Organization, a featured source of the new hoarding documentary “Saving Our Parents,” and an expert of the symptoms and root causes of hoarding, says the disorder is most prevalent among seniors. The assumption that an item might be useful someday, which compels chronic hoarders to save even more. Other elderly hoarders, Breininger notes, are created by their inability to leave their home or a lack of nearby family to check in on them. The telltale signs of excessive collecting transforming into compulsive hoarding can be stunning for friends and family.
Compulsive hoarding creates very real, very immediate, and very serious health risks to homeowners. The end result can also be homelessness if a local Department of Public Health must order a person out or condemn a dwelling, or if the landlord demonstrates in court that the level or type of hoarding seriously violates the tenant’s lease. Psychologists recommend family members, friends and neighbors adopt a safe, low-key non-judgmental approach to helping compulsive hoarders.
For serious hoarding habits that pose a direct threat to the hoarder’s health and safety, experts recommending pairing a mental health professional with a hoarder.
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Owner Don Tagatac (right) of Trauma Scene Cleaning Management, as employee Elvin Ferreras (left) carries debris out of a Times Sq. FRENCHTOWN — A 61-year-old woman and her two daughters have been charged with animal cruelty after authorities said they found dead livestock on their 1-acre property, along with 30 live animals. The NJ SPCA said such cases of animal hoarding are "too common," and are dangerous for animals and their owners.
All 22 dogs and the one cat removed, NJ SPCA reported, had fleas, worms, and skin infections.
He said the dogs and cat all were "infested with fleas, matted hair, untrimmed nails, round worms, hook worms and skin infections.

The animals were removed after Eva Petschauer allowed authorities to search her property on March 1, according to the SPCA. One borough resident, who asked not to be identified, said the family "seem like very nice, kind people. Each of the women face fines up to $2,000 and up to six months of jail or community service time. Thirty animals were removed from the property, treated at the Hunterdon Humane Shelter in Alexandria Township by veterinarian Dr.
Authorities reported that two sheep and one lamb were found dead in a shed on the Petschauer property. The SPCA is the borough's animal control agency because it has taken control of Hunterdon Humane, whose former director Theresa Carlson is facing animal cruelty charges. The charges against the Petschauers are scheduled to be heard in the Joint Court of Delaware Valley in Frenchtown on April 16. But holding onto non-valuable items long past their useful expiration date presents all kinds of health and safety risks.
And hoarding, as documented in the A&E television documentary series, is on the rise in America.
But for compulsive hoarders, parting with objects seen as completely worthless to others can be agonizing and sometimes impossible without professional help. Excessive clutter can cause falls or accidents and prevent emergency personnel from reaching the injured hoarder in a timely manner. As the National Fire Prevention Association notes: “The accumulation of combustible materials, such as newspapers, clothing and rubbish, can pose a severe fire hazard.
One dog went deaf because of an untreated ear infection, the SPCA reported today, and another dog lost an eye to glaucoma. Petschauer, 61, and daughters Jessica Powylan-Petschauer, 25, and Kristina Powylan-Petschauer, 18, were each charged with two counts of animal cruelty. The property is on a ridge at the northern end of the borough and isn't visible from the road. NJ SPCA is recommending that each be barred from owning or caring for animals in this state for at least 15 years. Chad Tindall, and most have healed, the SPCA reported.Three employees of Animal Control Solutions, subcontracted by the SPCA, removed the dogs and cat from the residence and brought them to the shelter. An SPCA officer called the prior situation at Hunterdon Humane, under Carlson's leadership, hoarding. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC. Compulsive hoarding can turn your home into a junkyard, compromise its safety and livability, threaten your health and take over your life. David Tolin, PhD, a hoarding specialist and author of “Buried In Treasures,” estimates 2 to 5 percent of Americans may meet the criteria of being hoarders.

Home electrical wires can be eaten by rodents (who love to move into hoarding-heavy homes) taking out electricity. The amount of combustible materials creates an extremely hot, fast-spreading fire that is difficult to suppress. The Georgetown University alumna sleeps on massive rubbish piles next to her 10 cats.Cleaning out her cluttered three-bedroom house in New Jersey was not an easy task, even for professional declutterer Don Tagatac. Jessica works at the borough school, hired in August as a part-time special education aide. Escaping the home in a fire can be impossible due to blocked hallways, doorways and windows. Heavy clutter visible from open windows is an open invitation for burglars to target your home. Catherine, a 55-year-old former psychiatric nurse, suffers from a little-understood mental illness: compulsive hoarding.
There are 300,000 hoarders in the metro area, according to Randy Frost, a hoarding expert at Smith College. Catherine's putrid residence is not even the messiest that Tagatac's Bronx-based Trauma Scene Cleaning Management Inc. Tagatac serves as a mediator between the victims of the psychological disorder and the landlords, bureaucrats, social workers, psychologists and family members who struggle to contain the problem.
Compulsive hoarding is defined as the acquisition of, and failure to use or discard, a large number of seemingly useless items. Tagatac's 20 hoarding cleanups of the past year have confirmed his entrepreneurial instincts.
While the company initially did only biohazard and crime-scene cleanups, an October 2007 trauma case involving a decomposed body at a hoarding scene gave Tagatac a bold idea - to concentrate on hoarder sites.
The business is now about three-quarters hoarding cases and one-quarter trauma scenes, said Tagatac. Petersen, who has worked with Tagatac, added, "Most people think that all hoarders are pigs, but it's an illness.
It's about control, and every item represents their attachment to things." All of Tagatac's hoarding clients live alone, and 90% are female. During one cleaning job in the Bronx in September, Tagatac's six-man crew struggled for two hours just to enter a junkaholic's residence.
But after each bag of junk was removed, more stuff would fall down toward the door, and the team resumed their task.

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