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It often comes as a surprise to new parents that many hotels actually offer childcare, and some have partnerships with local, accredited babysitting service to help you take a break from it all. The Omni Homestead in Hot Springs, Va., offers babysitting services for $18 an hour for the first child and $5 an hour for each additional sibling. Loews Hotels doesna€™t have in-house babysitting services but they do use an outside company to help guests with all of their childcare needs, according to Sarah Murov, the chaina€™s vice president of public relations. Maybe you cana€™t get the night off, but you can certainly send the kids off for some fun day activities and get some time alone. Wyndham Hotels offers summer camps at several of their properties, including one of their high-end Dolce Hotels and Resorts properties, Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa Valley.
The Four Seasons offers a program at many of its hotels across the world called Kids For All Seasons that allows parents to drop their children off for the day. The Ritz Carltona€™s childcare program is called Ritz Kids and ita€™s focused around education. But schedule some alone time by choosing a hotel chain or even a smaller, boutique hotel that offers childcare. Babysitting is provided in the comfort of your room with the option for your sitter to take the children out and about. Just ask the concierge and they will coordinate all the details a€” and even help you book a reservation for a romantic dinner. Ita€™s housed in a building called The Mansion, which is decorated with brightly colored creatures, such as a happy frog and friendly alligator, and features an interactive volcano and a large playground. Parents can drop their children, ages 4 to 12, for the day where they will learn about water, land, the environment and culture.
A 24-hour advanced registration is required, and all requests are handled based on availability of services.

The resort offers a babysitting referral service, and maintains a list of qualified local sitters.
A good thing to do first is explain to your teen that prom is not a financial free for all. During peak seasons, a nighttime program is available featuring pirate night and crab hunting. Discuss your budget to set expectations, and if they want something that's beyond the budget, they can contribute money they have set aside from babysitting and odd jobs!Here are some tips to help you cut down those costs so you and your teen can focus on making the night special.1. The content is as diverse as the natural world around us, and is tailored specifically to intrigue and thrill bright young minds," the hotel says on its website. Find Deals on a LimoNo matter how much you'd like to drive everyone to the prom in your minivan to save money (and to keep an eye on them), it's unlikely your teen will go for it. Instead, encourage them to carpool with other couples or, if it's all about a limo, to split the cost as a group. Buy Clothes You Can AlterIf the prom is black-tie, your son will need to rent a tux (unless he has one from a recent wedding). If it's not, consider buying a suit because there will surely be other occasions he can wear it. He's probably still growing, so consider buying pants (and jacket sleeves) a little too long and tacking them up with a loose blind stitch or even double sided tape.For dresses, your daughter can check out local consignment shops and sites such as eBay and Rent the Runway. If you can't find anything used, hit the mall but focus on finding a dress that suits her, not on the latest fashions.
If she's debating between a sale dress with a less-than-perfect fit and a full-price dress that's just right, remember, there's always tailoring. You can anticipate adding at least a $35 tailoring fee, but if you are deciding between an $80 dress that needs tailoring and a $450 one that doesn't, it's a no brainer!3.

For girls, guide them towards shoes that are cute but comfortable enough to wear all evening and pair with other outfits.4. Lend some things from your own collection or borrow something special from a family member. If your teen would prefer to shop, cute and reasonably priced clutches and baubles can be found at trendy stores a€” and sites a€” such as Claire's, Baublebar and ASOS.5.
Get Crafty With FlowersIt's cheaper to make your own corsages and boutonnieres than to buy them at the local flower shop (especially if there are blooms in your garden). There are videosA on YouTube, and even if you don't consider yourself crafty, you can make something pretty in no time with a few basic supplies, like floral tape, floral wire, scissors, pins and, of course, a few flowers.6. Check into hair-styling services at a nearby beauty school, where the price will be a fraction of what you'd pay otherwise. For makeup, check out counters at places like Sephora, Ulta or your local department store. My recommendation would be to walk around the cosmetic department and find an artist who does beautiful makeovers.
If you're lucky, the brand they represent will offer a free makeup application session for prom but as a former makeup artist, I urge you to buy a few products afterwards so you're not wasting their time.7.
Use your own camera or whatever device (phone or tablet) takes the best photos and preserve the memory with an affordable framed print.

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