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I realize breastfeeding doesn’t work out for everyone, but the free pump does make it feasible for most moms to at least give it a try.  It is good for baby, it is good for mom, and since we are on the topic, breastfeeding is WAY cheaper than formula.  Do it as long as you can, I say!
If you’ve only considered it in the past, now may be the time for a warehouse club membership. Do you have a friend, neighbor or coworker with kids a little older than yours?  Ask where they got their baby clothes!  Most parents (especially if it is not their first baby) will make the connection that you need baby clothes, and would be thrilled to give theirs away (and clear out their closets).  It’s win-win! Sara Stanich is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practitioner and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst at the Stanich Group, a Fee-only Registered Investment Adviser based in New York City.
The Stanich Group provides financial planning advice and investment management services to busy and successful parents focused on achieving their financial goals. Bonding: Whether you already feel a strong emotional attachments to baby or are feeling a bit detached from the entire prenatal experience, reading aloud to your bump is a great opportunity to bond with your child.
Taking time to relax: Taking 2 or 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to put your feet up and unwind is good for anyone, but it is especially good for pregnant women. Start the ritual of reading aloud: Even though evidence of in utero learning is on the fence, what we do know is one of the best things you can do for your child once he or she is born is to read to them often. I read aloud to my first daughter before she was born, and currently I read aloud to my baby on the way. With my first pregnancy, despite the physical changes my body was going through, I felt extremely disconnected to the little human growing inside. If you have other children, ask them to pick out a book you can all sit read together with baby.
The classic nursery rhyme illustrated by one of the most celebrated children’s book illustrators.
Adorable early reader book about a curious little bear, his parents, his friends, and their adventures. Pee-your-pants-hilarious duo, Elephant & Piggie books are as loved by  adults as they are children. This book is very short, yet very charming; a read about a young boy that runs away from home to rescue a dragon, and finds himself  on Wild Island, inhabited by many animals. A fantastical tale of an aviator who meets a little prince and their adventures trying to seek out the secret of what is important in life.
A heart-warming story that about the friendship between a pig and a spider, and how they attempt to change fate.
A pup named Ginger goes missing, and a mysterious man appears in the lives of the Pye family.

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I was worried I wasn’t equipped with the mom gene, and that I was already failing inmy new role. This is suppose to be a relaxing, relationship building activity, so you make the schedule.
It’s a wonderful story about a family of misfits that you fall for within moments of reading.
Our news engine aggregates over 50,000 stories each day from over 3,000 sources.Click here to start customizing your home page. You'll be busy snuggling baby, feeding baby, bathing baby and soaking in every moment that new bundle brings with him or her. The joys of parenthood far outweigh the cons, but you’ll need a solid financial plan if you hope to make it through the next nine months. As a financial planner and mom of 3 (including baby twins), I know what you are going through.  Here are some tips to help ease the financial strain. For example, I would only read about 10 minutes of the same book aloud every other day or so. As I mentioned earlier, with the help of a few wonderful parents and librarian friends, I’ve created a book list  for expecting parents looking to read to their baby in utero. This is one of his shorter chapter books, yet possesses all the magic and whims you find within the pages of all his books.

I have a tower of books on my nightstand, paint under my fingernails, and the wild earth between my toes. Baby can benefit from language learning from simply hearing everyday sounds, including mother’s voice. Think of it as a starter list for those interested in diving into the vast and wonderful world of children’s literature.
This research is on-going, so although it is exciting, nothing has been determined conclusively. It is unclear if they can recognize other voices, but  there is evidence that when you read aloud, you’re baby is listening.
There are many different types of books from picture to poetry to chapter books, a sampling of books with rhyme and rhythm, excellent early literacy devices, and also a sampling of favorite timeless stories. It was reassuring to know that she could hear me and we could share a story or poem together. The extent of many of your baby-related expenses will be controllable, as your and your partner’s expenses are today. However, even with maximum restraint, you’ll still be walking down new grocery aisles and visiting new stores, ultimately spending money on products and services you never considered previously. If you’re financially unprepared for your new baby, you could end up financing diapers. Here are five financial tips for expecting parents: financial tips for expecting parents 1- Communicate with your partner The theoretical conversations you may have had a few times previously will now become real.
2- Live within your means It’s as important as ever to make sure to live within your means. Spend on what’s important to you within the constraints of what you can actually afford.

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