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For even more ideas on parenting tips for a strong willed child, please read this post; Tips on Raising a Stong Willed Child by Kim Vij or Ideas for An Active Child . Great tips and perfect timing as I am battling one of my strong-willed children a lot lately and need to remember to stop and make it work. Subscribe by adding your email below and get all new posts sent directly you to your inbox!
The Happy Face Token System helps children integrate values that will be displayed as adults. Cammo Ammo is Code for Happy Face Tokens!They provide the leverage needed to get the plan moving.

Begin your journey with this national speaker’s Parenting Seminar  included on the FREE Survival Kit CD. The book comes bundled with the E-BOOK .PDF as well as PRINT-READY charts AND FREE HELP ON FACEBOOK. Amanda is a National Board Certified teacher with oodles of experience in early childhood education. We managed a much calmer holiday this winter than we did in the summer when we failed to follow most of the above suggestions and it all got very messy. Kim shares ways to make learning fun and parenting an adventure by sharing developmentally appropriate activities.

Drive to see holiday lights, visit a neighborhood zoo, check books out at the local library.

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