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Station Teaching is like a set of pulleys, you can accomplish so much more with it than with teaching alone. Guided Practice: A Scaffolded Approach Once a lesson has been introduced you can move into a Guided Practice format.
The most important thing to remember about child behaviors is, just like adults, there is always a reason for the behavior.
A Special Education teacher for over 15 years, he is excited to share some of that knowledge with you.

Heck, we go to school for four years to become teachers and that's only the beginning of the learning process.
In the car (your child can read to you), in an elevator, waiting for the doctor, read the grocery list at the supermarket, read road signs, read licence plates (letter recognition), whatever it takes, just read. Parents don't get that kind of training, so the next time you see a struggling parent, cut them some slack!
Reading doesn't just come naturally, it's not a gift that falls from the clouds and without guidance, kids don't just pick it up.

Portable games can be engaging and keep kids busy, but don't neglect the opportunities to get your child to read! Make it fun and make it a challenge for yourself and your child, you won't regret the results!

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