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Reducing stress for parents is essential because even if you don’t talk about it in front of the children, they still pick up on it and are greatly effected. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world, with unending demands and 24 hour expectations. Know your capability and plan your schedule accordingly without overwhelming yourself because additional stress will only lead to more problems physically and mentally in the future.
Station Teaching is like a set of pulleys, you can accomplish so much more with it than with teaching alone. Guided Practice: A Scaffolded Approach Once a lesson has been introduced you can move into a Guided Practice format. The most important thing to remember about child behaviors is, just like adults, there is always a reason for the behavior. While most parents are thrilled to have children, every one of them will agree that there are days when the pressure and demands of the role feel impossible to meet.
Research has shown that children with parents who experience chronic or high stress commonly experience physical and emotional symptoms. Experiencing stress from time to time is normal but if you find your stress levels are high for an extended period of time, it is a red flag that something needs to change. A Special Education teacher for over 15 years, he is excited to share some of that knowledge with you. Add on to that the responsibilities for maintaining a marriage, going to work and keeping up with a social life and the stress levels can sky rocket. Being the best parent, partner, friend or employee does not mean agreeing to do everything.
Many parents, especially mothers, feel that it is their responsibility to do everything themselves.

Another common misconception about parenting is that the more you give and do, the better off your child will be.
Parenting stresses can be a result of a variety of factors, one of which is marital strain. The sooner you can identify that you are becoming overwhelmed, the faster you can make changes in your life to combat them.
Many parents, especially new parents, feel guilty for not being ecstatic about their new role. Without addressing the problem, your marriage, family and children will all feel the negative impact which will only add to your stress. Heck, we go to school for four years to become teachers and that's only the beginning of the learning process. In the car (your child can read to you), in an elevator, waiting for the doctor, read the grocery list at the supermarket, read road signs, read licence plates (letter recognition), whatever it takes, just read. This only contributes to feeling overwhelmed, which negatively impacts your ability to be the best you can be in any role you play in life. Unfortunately, this also does not hold true in reality as the more we give in any part of our life, the more likely we are to burn out. When the primary relationship of the family is not nurtured, it has a trickle down effect onto the children.
Keep in mind that avoiding, minimizing or suppressing your emotions does not make them go away but can exacerbate them. Accepting that frustration, stress and disappointment are all normal experiences for parents may help reduce stress. Parents don't get that kind of training, so the next time you see a struggling parent, cut them some slack!

Reading doesn't just come naturally, it's not a gift that falls from the clouds and without guidance, kids don't just pick it up. It is very easy to over-commit to children, which can increase the overall stress in the family. If you don’t have family around, call on friends and neighbors to help you or if you prefer, hire a professional who can take care of things around the house for you. Research has shown that parents function at their best as parents when they feel satisfied in their marriage. Building a strong network of people to rely on and learn from can significantly reduce parenting stress. If you can be honest with your answer, you will gain invaluable insight into how to reduce your stress for long term relief. Engaging in a pleasurable activity, such as exercise, a massage or watching a movie, reduces the stress hormones that run rampant in many parents. Portable games can be engaging and keep kids busy, but don't neglect the opportunities to get your child to read!
Make it fun and make it a challenge for yourself and your child, you won't regret the results!

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