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Exams – A word that strikes fear and loathing in the hearts of every teen, University student, Mature age student and parent alike.
Instead of just reading through pages and pages of textbooks and handouts, students should write out their own notes in a special book just for study. Make up flashcards of things that you may find difficult to remember. Students can then test each other, or be tested by a parent.
This strategy is only effective if both parties have already been studying a lot and it is only used as a final review. If you have a long list of words or places to remember, make up a word or sentence using the first letter of each word to help them remember the list. For example, Planets in order – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, (Pluto?). Read through tests that you sat earlier in the semester, looking up the answers for questions that you got wrong, or just didn’t answer. After every 45-60 minutes of focused study (note, I say focused, not daydreaming or being distracted), take a 15 minute break. SIGN UPPlease leave us your email address if you would like to receive updates about our latest posts or newest products.
The following tips will help to guarantee that students are succesful in an online learning environment. Work Environment: Students are encouraged to select and designate a work place that is free from distraction and is a productive work environment.
Schoolwork Hours: Although students are given the flexibility to determine their own work hours, it is strongly recommended that students designate select hours from the day that are solely dedicated for studying. Note Taking: Almost all online courses offered through Calvary Online School have optional note-taking worksheets attached to the online lessons. Parental Involvment: Perhaps one of the most important tips for success in an online schooling environment is parental involvement. Common Questions Answered:Calvary Online School is a tuition based, fully accredited, Christian private school, serving students ages 19 and younger in grades 7-12 worldwide.
As your teen with Type 1 diabetes transitions to high school, it’s hard to balance letting go and keeping a watchful eye. Talk to your teen and endocrinologist about how to approach diabetes care during the school day.
Robin Cacopardo and her family split their time between the mountains of East Tennessee and the North Carolina coast. The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around, living a healthy life with diabetes. Your parental monitoring app will come in handy because you’ll be able to track them and know where they are in real time. XNSPY is a smartphone and tablet monitoring software designed for parents who wish to monitor their children under 18 years and employers who want to keep track of their employees through company-owned smartphones and tablets. Stick a few at a time in a prominent place (bathroom mirror, toilet door, on the fridge) and say them aloud. These notes should be written as simply as possible listing definitions, lists, diagrams and dates that you need to memorize.

But the most entertaining way (for the student) is to test their parents to see how much they remember from High School! By being on the phone, both of you stay on track and focused on what you need to do. You are able to help each other to find funny and creative ways to remember tricky details.
It is also a good idea to look closely at areas that have had marks taken off and work out why. After each section a parent (or even you) should mark the questions (usually a marking key is given).
But it is time to turn it off if you find yourself singing the words and daydreaming rather than taking in your study notes. Have a drink and a small snack, have a walk and a stretch, or a quick chat to someone in the family. Depending on the student, this may be a computer room, student’s bedroom, living room, a coffee house, library, etc. This could be a 3 hour block of time in the morning, followed by a 2 hour block in the afternoon, or evening, for example. Students consistently show higher rates of performance when these study sheets are completed in addition to their readings and activites. This involvement is a great strength to students working independently in an online school. If you need help with an assignment, ask your teacher and they will address your request via email or a live, virtual meeting.
However, students are repsonsible to maintain consistent contact with the school and their instructors. Remember that all parents, with Type 1 diabetes in their lives or not, are doing the same balancing act. Iron fist rules and boundaries would taint what should otherwise be something they’d always remember fondly. Around 90% students believe their friends will likely drink on the night at different parties. And if they’re not drinking themselves, hitching a ride with a drunk friend is just as dangerous. Getting every parent in the know will be helpful because kids are less likely to indulge in risky behavior. Start by filling in all the extra curricula activities such as sport, music practice, clubs etc. Do not start watching TV or any gaming as you get too involved and will find it difficult to go back to study. It is also suggested that students select work hours in which they know their teachers are available for questions or feedback.
Depending on student preference, these can either be printed and then completed on paper, or electronically completed in order to save materials. The majority of online courses offered through Calvary Online School offer complete transparency regarding student performance. Regularly checking for new emails will ensure that students are fully informed of any recent updates or responses from their teachers.

Some schools require students to still go to the nurse’s office for checking blood glucose and dosing for insulin. The average high school teacher sees between 125-175 students per day and has multiple special needs students, in addition to students with different learning styles and paces of learning. As parent and teacher, it appears to me that social circles become more pronounced by the end of sophomore year. Not only will you help keep your teen safe from online bullying and stay up to date on what is going on in their world, but you also learn so much about their likes and dislikes. So, you’re going to have to find out what parties they are attending and if alcohol would be present there.
However, you must know that to be a volunteer, you’ve not only got to be a chaperone, but know certain safety techniques, such as CPR as well. You’ll be able to watch your kid and their friends closely, and in case anything goes wrong, you’ll be right there. These notes are also a handy reference for any revision that is needed and quizzing by parents, siblings or friends.
If there are some mistakes you should try to work out where you went wrong and do the question again.
If you know that you will lose track of time, set a timer or alarm to remind yourself to get back to the books.
As a high school teacher, I’ve helped kids make the leap from immature freshman to graduating senior. Whatever you can do to make it easier for the teachers, the better the relationship your will have with them. Learning to be more independent, while receiving parental support is the best way to growing up.
You can use your monitoring app to read their WhatsApp messages and see what they have in store for the night. If you can’t work it out you should take your working out and ask the teacher the next day.
It is strongly recommended that both the student and parent work out a time each day when work assigned and work completed can be discussed. When you mix celebration with underage boozing, there’s not a lot of good that can come out of it. Every time you stop to check FB or just read a text message you lose at least 5 minutes in the time it takes to read it and then get your brain focused back on what was being studied. At our school, the next step would be parent to Academic Dean before contacting the principal.

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