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Supporting your child in learning a foreign language can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak the language yourself. If your child loves movies, La Gloire de mon Pere and Le Chateau de ma Mere are films that follow a young boy vacationing with his family in Provence in the south of France. Sending your student on exchange programs to a French-speaking country, or visiting one with them, requires some financial backing; so, if you are unable to provide that backing, look for programs that may offer scholarships for linguistic and cultural exchanges.
Also, keep in mind that France is just one of the many French-speaking countries out there.
Learning French takes a lot of commitment, and a large percentage of parents are not realistically able to do it due to conflicting responsibilities. Disappointing a parent is the last thing a child wants to do so bringing home a bad grade can be devastating.
Getting into a shouting match with your child and overreacting may only create a reluctance to talk with you about this or things in the future. Grounding a child by not letting him or her participate in school sports or other extra-curricular activities doesn’t necessarily convey the idea of being responsible. This may come in the form of tutoring help or peer study groups.” Schools have after-school homework clubs and signing up for a club can be motivation to get the work done,” Dr. Having a consistent routine along with organizational skills can be very beneficial she says. I was never grounded for grades & was never held to my potential when I watched my friends get grounded for getting one C on a test!
Advocate nurses honored at Chicago Bulls event Top performing Advocate nurses participated in a fun-filled day with the Chicago Bulls. Kim Vuckovich, a nurse at Advocate Children’s Hospital, shares what it’s like to care for some of the most fragile babies. This school year, help your child complete his assignments and improve his study skills and grades with new strategies and methods for homework success. Sign up for our free email newsletters and receive the latest advice and information on all things parenting. As any parent knows, education is a vital part of their child’s upbringing and an extremely important part of their future. Stick to a schedule: It is important to get your child into a routine when it comes to their homework, and as such you should make sure you schedule a particular time for homework. These are all valuable ways in which parents can help their kids to not only complete their homework but also to continue learning even when they are not in a school environment.
Parents can help a child with learning disabilities by understanding different learning styles and knowing how their child learns.
If your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability, you must be wondering what you can do to help. Homework is an important part of the education process as it not only increases learning but also helps children develop good habits which will serve them in many ways in the future. A parent’s role in helping their child study is not to make sure they get full marks, it’s about helping them help themselves. It is a good idea to do your own research and keep up to speed with the options available to children with learning disabilities. It is not nice to consider, but there are times when a child with a learning difficulty may be left behind. There is no blueprint for how an individual learns and those with learning difficulties are no different.
Depending on the severity of your child’s learning disability, you are going to have different goals and ambitions. Teens in foster care benefit from tutoring as well as structured and consistent homework time.
Homework hour is all about making sure your teen has sufficient time to complete assigns while he still has energy.
Nothing frustrates a teen more than a difficult homework assignment and nothing annoys you more that not being able to help her. Your teen has spent almost an entire day in school, learning many subjects in a closed classroom environment. If your child has a tough time with a particular task, be patient and suggest different approaches to the problem instead of berating his inability to find a solution. Tutoring can help teens in foster care catch up with their peers and prepare them for graduation.
While math is a vital part of the school curriculum for kids of all ages, there are some children who struggle with this particular subject more than others.
At school, this helping hand naturally comes from the teacher, as kids can speak to their teacher for clarification or guidance with math issues they are struggling with. If your child needs help with math homework, there are a number of ways in which you can help. Also, remember that while helping your child with math homework you can gain a better understanding of their progress with this particular subject. An environment conducive to learning can help students with learning disabilities focus on their homework.
While all children need a little help and guidance with their homework from time to time, those who diagnosed with learning disabilities may require more support than most.
It is just as important for students with learning disabilities to be able to understand the work that they are doing at home as it is for those without learning disabilities. Establish a homework schedule: It is a good idea to develop a routine and establish a schedule.
These are a few of the ways in which you can make homework assignments easier for your child to tackle. Reading is a vital part of your child’s upbringing, as it aids their education, creativity, and imagination.
Any parent that feels their child may be experiencing issues when it comes to reading should take action to try and rectify the problem as soon as possible. Being a good reader is vital to your child’s academic achievements but is also a vital part of their upbringing, as it can feed their imagination, release their creativity, and enrich their lives. Read to your child daily: Younger kids love nothing more than to have a parent read to them.
These tips can help make reading more fun for your child as well as help to increase their interest in reading as they get older.
As with everything in today’s society, tutoring has taken a major step into the digital world. With an actual tutor around, you can be sure that your child gets ample amount of attention.
Having a tutor physically present around a student is a good idea because some students do not make it known that they are confused.
Hiring a tutor can be quite pricey depending on the tutor’s rate as well as his or her qualifications. It can cost a fraction of what a traditional tutor would charge and it only requires a stable Internet connection for online tutoring to take place. Online tutoring requires a lot of discipline and focus, something a younger child may lack. Parents can help their children with science homework even if they do not know the material themselves.
Science is a subject that can be fascinating for kids at school, but there are times when children of all ages may need some help and guidance with this subject.
As a parent, you will naturally want to be able to offer this guidance and helping hand when it comes to your child’s science homework.
Whether or not you are good at science yourself, there are a number of ways in which you can help your child when it comes to their science homework.
Use the Internet: Encourage your child to use the Internet in order to carry out research relating to their science project.
Look at specialist help: If you feel that your child is falling behind with a specialist subject such as science, it may be worth considering focused help provided by a tutor. A key thing to remember is that while you should always be willing to provide your child with support and guidance with their science homework, as a parent you need to refrain from actually doing it for them otherwise this will have an adverse effect on their overall learning and understanding of the subject.
Knowing what to look for in an online tutoring agency ensures you get the best tutor for your child. When looking for an online tutor, most parents may place too much emphasis on the tutors’ credentials. This is important because you have to take into consideration the best time of day for your child to learn.
You may think that a tutor’s job is just to tutor your child, but it really is more than just tutoring. Children who develop an interest in reading at an early age perform better in school in all subjects.
Provide a Foundation for Reading:  When you start emphasizing the benefits of reading to your children, focus on what they should start with. Establish Dedicated Reading Time: Set a time and create a place your children will be automatically inclined to read.

Encourage Role Reversal: Ask your child to read to you and help you understand what he has read.
Try to Make the Reading Experience Interesting for your child: Buy your children new books that are outside of the school curriculum. Sign-Up for Private TutoringEmail us for additional information and current rates for private tutoring. CONTACTWe are here to help you succeed with educational coordinators available in each state.
Accomplished TutoringEducational Tutorial Services keeps track of how its individualized, streamlined programs work for each client. Our Client’s WordsMy child's test scores have risen dramatically over the past two years! University language departments also often keep track of such events for their students or organize French-related events for their students. Jean de Florette is also set in Provence, and is based off novels by Marcel Pagnol, who is also known for his book Le Petit Nicolas (Little Nicolas).
French is also spoken in Quebec (Canada), France, Belgium, parts of Switzerland, and quite a few African countries, especially those in western Africa.
If you are one of those parents who has the motivation and time to do so, it will set an example for your child. Supporting your child as they learn can be difficult, but they will appreciate it, even if they don’t say so. Tutors are available to work with your child online via Skype or in-person, depending on location and availability. If you feel like the discussion will escalate into an argument, the best approach may be to take a break and walk away until you cool down. Viegas-Miller warns that parents can go too far in the other direction as well, such as offering excessive rewards when a student makes good grades. Set up a time to talk with the teacher to discuss what areas your child needs help in and what some possible solutions might be.
Viegas-Miller recommends creating a plan for learning and homework at the start of the year. Today I came home and was grounded because I had 2 missing assignments in a class I was acing.
This easy-to-use checklist comes with games and activities to help your child build essential skills for kindergarten. All parents want to ensure that their child is able to enjoy the best education but it is important to remember that kids sometimes need a helping hand in order to help them to overcome barriers and problems.
However, kids also have homework to complete as part of their schooling, and if they need help with this, it is often up to parents to provide that valuable helping hand.
However, you need to be careful that you do not end up actually doing the work for the child. This will not only get your child into a routine, which means that homework is less likely to be missed, but it also enables you to ensure that you will be around during that time period.
You should make sure you set up an area that is quiet and has no distractions, as this will help your child to focus.
If you have any concerns about their level of learning or confidence with a particular subject, don’t be afraid to discuss this with their teacher. It is important for parents to ensure that just because a child walks out of the school gates they do not leave their academic head behind in the classroom. As a result, if your child has a learning disability, you must remember that you are not there to provide a cure or do the work for them. One weakness is nothing compared to the multitude of strengths your child has in other areas. Whether it is due to understaffing or poor teaching, you must be prepared to have a grip on the situation and get involved when you need to. If you take a positive approach to tackling a learning difficulty, your child is more likely to replicate. Some people learn best by seeing or reading, others by listening, and still others by touching or acting it out.
Although younger children may be more willing to spend time on homework, teens in foster care may rebel against foster parents or guardians who try to get them focused on academic goals. Make sure your chores are completed beforehand so she has your undivided attention if she needs it. Take time to study the material before trying to teach your child how to find the correct answers. Math is one of those subjects that some people are naturally brilliant at while others may really struggle to get their heads around it. At home, on the other hand, it is usually the parents who will provide this guidance, offering support and help when their child is doing their math homework. By breaking the question down and going through it section by section, it can be easier for kids to understand and solve.
This can help bring your child up to speed with math if he or she is falling behind compared to the rest of the class. If you are worried about your child’s progression with math, speak to their teacher to see what he or she recommends. For the parents of students with learning disabilities, it is important to be aware of ways in which this guidance and help can be provided without the parents actually taking over. Parents need to find ways to help their child while still ensuring that he or she is the one that does the work. This increased organization can help your child get into a routine when it comes to completing homework and also means that you can ensure you are around when homework is being completed. Therefore, make sure you set up a quiet area where your child can study in peace and focus on what needs to be done. This can help to increase focus and concentration, particularly for those who have ADD or ADHD. You will find a number of tutors with experience and expertise in supporting those with learning difficulties, so this is an option you may want to consider for your child. If this happens, make sure you don’t pressure or force your child to continue, as this could do more damage than good. Remember, children with learning disabilities can become distracted more easily, which makes it all the more important to create the right environment in your home. Reading is something that a child should want to engage in for pleasure as well as for educational reasons, but not all kids are at the same level as their peers when it comes to reading. Being able to read properly will enrich your child’s life in numerous ways, which is why it is so important to find ways to improve their reading skills. In addition to providing them with the pleasure of storytelling, this will also help to increase their interest in reading as well as improve their reading comprehension. Also, try to provide them with a diverse array of reading material so that they develop a taste for different genres as they grow older. So, you could put aside half an hour each day or every couple of days where everyone settles down with a book to read.
However, you should also start getting your child to read to you, even if it is just a few paragraphs at a time. This in turn can improve reading comprehension, which will aid your child both academically and personally over the years. You also can rest assured that your child will be more focused because there is an adult around to keep him or her in check. Being able to see the students’ body language helps the tutor determine if the student fully understands what is being taught. This time period is fully blocked and if you want to allocate this time for something else, you will need to find another time when your child and the tutor are both free to meet.
If your child is doing his or her homework at 9PM, and finds that he or she needs help with a certain problem, you can go online to look for help since there are tutors online at all times.
If a student is weak in a particular topic or subject, it is important that they spend more time on that topic or subject. As is the case with all subjects, kids will often have science homework and from time to time may need some help and guidance from you as a parent in order to get the homework completed successfully. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a whiz at science yourself – even if you are unfamiliar with the subject, there are various ways in which you can help your child. Therefore, you may want to suggest your child study with a friend but you should also make sure you are on hand to guide and help them if they need it.
This could prove to be a valuable investment that can help your child to get on track with science and help them to better understand the subject as well as to cope with homework assignments more easily. If your child learns better in the day time, it makes sense to look for a tutor who lives in or near your time zone.
The relationship between a tutor and student can affect the results of online tutoring, or even traditional tutoring. This is an important factor to look for but it is definitely not the sole factor to consider when choosing a tutor. If you spend time watching TV or using your laptop, the audio- visual experience will attract your child more than a printed book which may seem dull in comparison.

This creates an audio-visual effect in your brain cells which not only enhances memory but also improves cognitive ability.
Be a good role model so you can influence your child’s interest in reading and learning. French is a relatively common, available language that is taught in middle and high schools, and many communities and cities have resources to help people learn the language.
Some such events may be in French; others may be in English, but will still relate to French current events, culture, history or literature.
For younger children or less advanced readers, Asterix et Obelix and Tintin are popular comics that both have video adaptations. Haiti speaks French, as well, and a few other former French colonies also host a larger percentage of French-speakers than the rest of the world. This means having a designated place and time for learning and ensuring that children are rested and well fed before diving into their schoolwork. For example, you can help them understand how math applies to balancing a checkbook or research skills can apply to buying a new car,” Dr.
Instead, you should be guiding your child and explaining any issues he or she has with that particular project or question.
You should ask about the projects, take an interest in what they are doing, and even offer to check it for them after they are done.
With these tips you can make sure that your child continues to get assistance with learning outside of school. There’s no need to fight everyone and you have to be realistic, but be ready to embrace your role as a proactive parent. You should try to identify how your child learns best and incorporate that into the way you help them with their homework. What you are helping your child to do is learn to cope in the best possible way so they can be successful adults. Turn off the television and eliminate other distractions that can interrupt a teen’s concentration.
Have everything your child needs at hand, including reference books, a computer, dictionary, and writing paper. Experiment with various methods of imparting the same knowledge to your child and see which ones work best to help her understand her homework.
Forcing your tired child to spend longer than 20 minutes on homework may produce resentment against extra assignments and discourage learning in general.
Discuss the issue with his teachers or attend parent-teacher meetings to find out more about the teaching methods employed in school and ways you can help at home.
However, perseverance and the right support can help kids who need a helping hand with their math. So, clarify their understanding by asking your child exactly what he or she needs to do and where the problem is.
This will not only enable them to get help but will get them into the habit of online research for educational purposes, which will become increasingly important as they grow older.
A big part of helping your child will be to both establish a routine and create a space in the home that is conducive to learning. This will encourage your child to focus more on what he or she is reading as well as enabling you to monitor their progress. By utilizing these tips, you can help your child to develop an interest in reading that will aid them both during their time in school and for many years to come. And, in some cases, you will need to transport your child to and from her tutoring session. This can be quite a chore if your child has activities such as sports or other extracurricular activities. If you can’t seem to get access to the Internet, you can simply go to one of the many cafes or libraries that provide free WiFi. If a younger child wishes to use online tutoring services, an adult may need to be around the child in order to supervise and keep him or her in check. This is a great way to access useful information as well as to get them into the habit of conducting online research for education. This is a great way of encouraging kids to share their knowledge and help one another understand.
In order to benefit from online tutoring, there are several factors that can improve the outcome.
However, if your child learns best at night, it might be more beneficial to look for a tutor who is most likely to be awake or in another time zone that fits your child’s learning preferences.
If the tutor and student share the same interest, for example, both have a passion for football, the tutor can then invoke interest in your child by using a football analogy to explain a difficult math problem.
The easiest method is to ask the tutor how a typical online tutoring lesson would be conducted. Make sure the tutors are experienced tutors who know how to help students in a virtual classroom setting in order to get the best out of online tutoring. If your child is in elementary school or younger, he or she may have difficulty understanding the text they are reading. So it is advisable to refrain from watching too much sports or other programs on TV when you child is around.
Both local French schools and Alliance Francaise branches have classes, programs and sometimes even a summer camp to help children and teens absorb a foreign language.
The car is one great place to keep these and put them on if you find yourself driving your child around a lot to school or other activities. She has her Masters in French language education from the Sorbonne University in Paris and has been teaching since 2009. Let your child know that although you don’t like the grade, you still love him or her very much. Encourage any academic area where your child excels and try to understand what it is about that subject that they enjoy. Yes, it is great to talk to trained professionals like doctors and therapists, but remember that you owe it to your child to do your best for them. When you come up against obstacles remain calm and reasonable but stay firm and remember that you are fighting for the wellbeing of your child.
Learning how to interact socially and how to live their own life is just as admirable a target as good grades and high SAT scores. Tutors with experience working with kids who are several grades behind where they should be can boost a child’s confidence and get them thinking about their future.
Actions counter to these recommendations send a message to your child that homework isn’t a priority.
Your child has a limited attention span, so don’t waste it by having him hunt around for an eraser.
In order to make this decision easier for you, here is a list of pros and cons for both traditional and online tutoring. Because your child is interested in the topic, he or she will tend to listen more carefully and therefore understand better. Another method is to see if there is feedback or comments from students who have had lessons with that tutor.
Of course, there is no such thing as a tutor being over qualified, so feel free to pick the one with the highest qualifications.
Moreover if they are reading something wrong you will be able to correct them by listening to what they are reading. At the very least, you will have a greater understanding of what they are going through, the difficulties they are having, and the linguistic technicalities they may refer to as they are learning it. Another thing you can do is to let the tutor know how your child is likely to behave during a tutoring session.
For example, if they begin with a science-themed book that depicts different animal species, explain how many species exist, the difference between them, and then let them read it. This can be a good parameter to assess the built-in skills of your child.  It definitely helps to increase their knowledge too. For example, if his or her attention span is very short, the tutor can adjust the online tutoring session accordingly. Instead of 2 hour-long lessons per week, the tutor can accommodate and break the 2 hours into several 30-minute lessons, spread over the week.
Moreover, talk about your own experiences, how you have seen some species in the museum or at the zoo or in another book you read on a similar topic. Here are some suggestions you can use to help your children take the plunge into the world of knowledge.

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