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Yesterday, we wrote how we discovered a leak with our only 2 year old Toto 6.0L One Piece Power Flush Toilet. I thought we were finished writing about our toilets for a while once we fixed, for the second time, our American Standard low flow toilet leak earlier this summer.
In Part 2, Bennett showed us the cause of the exterior toilet leak, that being insufficient seal between the toilet and the drain. In Part 1 we told you how we came across the leak from our en suite toilet onto the basement ceiling tile. So, to discover what was causing the leak, Bennett went upstairs into the en suite and removed the toilet (after first, of course, turning off the water to the toilet and then flushing the water out).
In Part 2 we had received the replacement part for the internally leaking American Standard toilet. In Part 1 we identified that we had in internal leak in our less than 1 year old low-flow 6 Litre American Standard Champion toilet. From our investigation it was caused by the seal on the gasket which stops the water from leaving the tank.

Now, the nice things about toilets from American Standard is that they have a 10 year warranty. A few weeks ago we started to notice that the water was going on and off inside the house by itself. The 1st Edition was recognized by The Toronto Star on April 09, 2009 in their Personal Bailout Survival Tips series. The 2nd Edition was part of a CBC News' The National news segment on March 2, 2010 in which Dan was interviewed. Hiring a professional for toilet bowl repair is often an unnecessary expense since almost all of the internal parts can be replaced by an amateur handyman within 10 to 15 minutes. If the water is constantly running into the toilet, individuals can check and ensure that the rubber flapper is making a proper seal with the bottom of the toilet. Another problem could be that the water is flowing into the toilet so quickly that a proper seal can not be established.
When the toilet is taking too long to flush, the entire flushing mechanism may be incorrectly set or broken.

If this does not solve the toilet bowl repair problem, it may be better just to replace everything. When the water level in the toilet tank was up to the refill mark, was water continuing to flow from the fill valve on the left, through the black refill tube and into the flush valve on the right (all as pictured below)? So he purchased a new one from Waterline whose packaging box is shown in the picture below.
In fact you know that we wrote an entire series of articles on it (there was so much to tell). While there is no visible leaks on the outside of the toilet or the piping, you can hear the water constantly running when there is an internal toilet leak.

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