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DIY Baby Wipes (I don't buy Johnson's products because they test on animals, but I used this DIY as an inspiration for making my own baby wipes, using only organic and animal-friendly products). A clothes line would be great because then they would get an extra dose of a nice fresh smell! Thanks, will do I have been trying to darken the inside of the mouth and nostrils, it is darkening slowly but I can tell a difference. The highlight color was flesh and a bit of mottle to make it look pink, when it goes on it it looks like it erases the brown paint.
Yes you can use acrylic paints for any part of your baby, that is all what FX is, acrylic paint premade colors for you at a high price.
We didn’t start putting the trial pack diapers on our baby boy until he was about 6 weeks or so and gave it about 6 weeks to decide which brand to go with.  Newborns are scrawny and so are their legs, so early on it is very hard to tell which diaper will fit your baby until their legs chub up a bit!

Velcro is easier, but wears down quickly in the wash (especially when washed daily).  We have gotten used to snaps and the diapers will last longer. I wish I had more color choices as opposed to umm One, but actually it may much the mohair I have. With the coming baby, I need to get some snap ones or find a way to attach snaps to the existing cloth diapers! I keep looking at all of these painted hair posts now and am wondering if I try this instead. Well I was fooling around with them for his hair and when I tried to strip it the marker would not budge, So, I went over his whole head again with the pencil and tried to cover up some mistakes. Also Prisma pencils are not the best pencils to use either, there are some much better ones, Prisma used to be a good brand, but they are just floating on their name now.

Don't waste your money on them, once dropped they are broken into pieces inside & you will have lost a good chunk of money.
They also don't blend as nice as other pencils I have used & they are more wax in them which I don't like.

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