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To prevent this confusion, I like to take a few minutes after I draft an email to read over it and ask myself these questions to make sure what I am sending makes sense and is clear.  Here are tips on making emails more effective before sending an email.
What is the overall meaning of the email?  These emails may be deleted by accident if it is too vague. Does this person need to receive this email?  Is it easier for me to call them than write out the entire email? Does everyone in the To: and CC: section need to receive this email?  Why do they need to receive this email?
Tip: Determine what day of the week and time of day will work most efficiently for your recipient to receive and respond to emails. This entry was posted in Administrative Support, Business, Procedures, Time Management and tagged Communication, Computer, Desk, Email, Emails, Office, Time management, Tips, Writing.
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When designing visual content, it's sometimes tempting to just get it out the door, but it's important to remember the basics of good design.
Five Tips for Fostering Effective Communication in the WorkplaceNovember 21, 2013 by Joanne Trotta0 CommentWhen it comes to organizational success, the keystone is employee engagement.
Today, I’d like to expand on these points by sharing five tips for fostering effective communication in the workplace. As a leader in your organization, effective communication in the workplace starts with you. Misunderstandings can often be perceived as harmless, but they can also be powerful enough to throw any organization off the proper course.
When it’s clear to you that the sales department is misinterpreting communications from marketing, you need to step in and sort things out. How many times have you been to a meeting where the purpose and desired outcome was unclear? Whether it’s in meetings or within other types of organizational interactions, people need to be heard and understood. Instead of dismissing ideas, acknowledge them and engage with the people who generated them. These are testimonials for the Personal Leadership Program, as delivered by The Living Leader.
About Leaders EdgeWe care about people and we’re passionate about helping you develop a positive and sustainable leadership culture where individuals are engaged to deliver their personal best. Our approach and framework helps you understand what is necessary to achieve the results you want for your business and what it takes to engage employees, exceed your customers expectations and improve bottom line results. The Living Leader has researched, designed and developed their globally recognized programs over the past 20 years, working with organizations of all sizes, across a wide variety business sectors from retail to manufacturing, power and utilities to the public sector. Personal Leadership Program Testimonials“In my past experience through many leadership style courses, the Living Leader Program is fundamentally the most impactful program to positively motivate, challenge and provide individuals the tools to become better leaders.
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I was told by my English Professor, when writing, always write, not for you, but for the reader.
These 10 tips for designing effective visual communication will help ensure your visual content is beautiful and engaging. Follow these design best practices to ensure that your visual communication is both beautiful and effective. However, high levels of employee engagement are not possible without effective communication in the workplace.
If your organization needs to improve communication, this guidance will help you create a much more open workplace and help you foster an environment where employee engagement is strong and, most importantly, beneficial to your business and bottom line. With this in mind, leverage your interactions with your people as opportunities to truly engage them instead of simply telling them what to do.
It’s also about listening attentively and showing a genuine interest in the conversation by providing 100% of your attention on the other person.
When an employee has obviously misunderstood a set of instructions, don’t wait for problems to arise – correct the misunderstanding immediately. Meetings are essential to gather different perspectives and align people to a common purpose, but they need to be managed in a way that supports effective communication.
They spend hours and hours at what they believe is work,but more than likely the majority of their day was spent inmeaningless tasks that make them look busy without reallyaccomplishing much.Maybe you think you are pretty efficient at work, but I bet if youtake the time to think about what you do in a day, or even logyour time, you will notice times when you are spending yourprecious time on tasks that aren’t really crucial or evenimportant.For example, how many times per day do you check email? If you’re happy with all of your papers in various stacksaround the room, do that.If you’d rather be more rigid and keep your stuff organized in afile cabinet in color-coordinated file folders, you should use thatmethod.
You should haveshort term and long terms goals, and they should be easilyquantifiable so you can measure your success.If you set a goal to “get rich”, how will you know when you’vereached your goal? You must learn to prioritize well if you everwant to make the most efficient use of your time.Let’s say you have a list of ten tasks you need to complete in aday.
Write the way you would speak to a person who does not know you or what you are writing.  The content is much clearer and more effective.
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Your people want more than acknowledgement from you – they want to know that you truly understand them and their perspectives. Doing so improves overall communication, plus it also gives you an opportunity to set a positive example.
Dismissing ideas outright because you don’t agree with them only serves to shut your people out, making them unwilling to share their ideas in the future.
When someone is confident enough to communicate an idea, you’re headed in the right direction when it comes to effective communication in the workplace.
They get used to it,and they have a system.If you have a system that WORKS for you, don’t change it if youdon’t want to! For argument’s sake, let’s say each task will take you 20minutes, for a total of 200 minutes that day, or a little over 3hours.You should make sure you get the most critical items on your listdone early in the day. You’ll learn more about your people this way, plus you will set a terrific example of leadership and effective communication. Make sure that everyone understands not only what needs to be done, but also who is accountable for each take away item and by what timeline. How many times do you stop to chat with a coworkerabout something that isn’t work related, even for five minutes?Most people would be shocked if they logged their time carefullyeach day.Studies have shown that in an eight hour day, most people getonly 2-4 hours or true productivity in.

You don’t have to live by someone else’s rules forwhat organization should be.The only time you should change your organizational habits iswhen it causes you to lose significant time. Imagine you needed to pay your electricbill before 5 PM or your electricity would be shut off, subjectingyou to a $200 reconnection fee.What if you decided to put that off until later in the day and thenyou forgot?
To increase engagement, reiterate that you will make yourself available should they require your help along the way but it is critical to ensure everyone walks away with a common understanding and action plan.
If you could increase thatto six or seven, imagine how much more you could get done?We’re going to look at five quick and simple things you can do tomanage your time better and get more done. Ask yourself thesequestions: • Do you often lose things and have to spend time searching for them? You might decide you wantto finish writing ten articles by Friday, or that you want toorganize your desk drawers by 4 PM today.You need to keep a system for tracking your goals.
Or what if a family member had an emergency andyou had to leave immediately?By getting critical tasks done early, you can avoid these types ofissues and make sure they are done.
I’m only going togo over the easiest techniques I know of to implement so youcan get started right away.I’ve found that most people have trouble implementing varioustactics if they aren’t quick and easy. There arenumerous pieces of software you can use for this, or you cansimply use a whiteboard or notebook. Second, you know how much you’vegotten done, which can be very motivating.Lists are also important because they can help you organize yourschedule. Additionally, you will alsofeel a great weight lifted off of your shoulders for the rest of theday.Sometimes you may run into days when it seems like every itemon your to-do list is equally important. Once you’ve implemented afew and you start seeing results, you’ll be more motivated tostick to a great time management plan so you can keep seeingthese results. Make sure you separateyour goals into short term and long-term goals, and make surethey are easily quantifiable.Also, make sure your goals are attainable. In fact, that may happenquite often, especially if you have trouble prioritizing.In this situation, try to think of the worst-case scenario. When you make your lists on paper,you may find it rather difficult to organize the tasks or note theirimportance.If you make your lists on paper, be sure to cross them outcompletely when you complete them.
If youabsolutely could not finish a task by the end of the day, whatwould happen?Select the items that would have disastrous results and put themat top priority. If you simply put acheckmark or other mark beside them, it won’t be as easy to seehow much you’ve done. Items that would have terrible results if theywere not completed, but you could recover from get next priority.Any items that would have bad results that would be relativelyeasy to recover from come last.
Ambitious goals help motivate you, and even if youdon’t reach them you shouldn’t fall too far from the mark andrisk hurting your motivation. When you cross them out completely,it’s very easy to see what has been completed at a glance.You might want to color code your task lists. Many computerprograms make this easy to do, but if you do it on paper youmight want to use colorful labels, stickers, or highlighter pens.You can set certain priorities to certain colors to make it quick tosee what needs to be done first.

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