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Potty training is an important milestone in your child's development and you do not want to delay their growth by not potty training them. The sooner you are comfortable with potty training and know the facts, as well as know what to do, the sooner you will want to get started also. You cannot procrastinate helping them to the potty or buying a potty chair or potty seat for them.
Lastly, keep in mind that your behavior and attitude toward potty training will affect your child, so the more positive you are and excited to get them to the potty, the more they will want to go too. There is the situation where your child is ready to potty train, they are interested in what is happening in the bathroom, they are asking questions, they are having periods of time pass where they have no accidents happen and they are able to clearly communicate with you.

You are procrastinating because you are not sure what to do or where to start with the process or it may just be a matter of being busy also and not finding the time to sit down and begin potty training your child. So, the best way not to procrastinate the potty training process is to be prepared before they turn the age too potty train them. You have to constantly remind yourself that they are learning something new and procrastinating when they have to use the potty or waiting too long to get them the tools that they need to potty train, means that they could lose interest and become frustrated with the entire process. You may need to be reminded that they need to go to the bathroom also, since it is new for you too. This is all very normal, however you cannot procrastinate in this situation, because the longer you do, the more difficult it could become for your child to potty train.

Begin reading the parenting potty training books available, get your child a potty training doll to begin playing with, begin talking with them about potty training soon.
Remember that when they cannot get to the potty or need help, that there could be a bigger mess for you to clean up.

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