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Moving house and losing sleep over all the things you need to get done before the big move? Cancel you deliveries or have them go to your new address a few days before the move.  If you get the paper or subscribe to a magazine either cancel or change your address. This can be a tough one, both cats and dogs take a while to get used to their new surroundings. Triple check you have everything, check in every drawer and cupboard, look in the back shed, under the deck and in the laundry, then have someone else look. Yogic breathing allows us to reduce stress instantly by activating the body’s natural relaxation response (parasympathetic response). Try to practice mindfulness as your trek down your path, through the park, or around your neighborhood. Join the community and discover yoga together with hundreds of thousands from all over the world.
There are constant negotiations concerning the Earth situation between Light and Dark forces. Find your natural inner sense of calm over the coming days with these reminders and specific tips.
Next year, as I wrote about in my 2015 Predictions, comes with some new energies and windows of opportunity that can shift your life experience in more positive directions. Second, check in with yourself frequently throughout the day to gauge what you are feeling.
Fifth, access your calm zone by refusing to be combative and deciding moment-by-moment how you will respond to what’s unfolding.
Remember, you are a divine changemaker – at the core of your being you indeed are calm and your natural state is joy! Focused on products for your car, this site still manages to give good advice without hard sell. Insider Car Secrets claims to be “spilling the beans on the car dealers,” and you’ll like the approach if you and your dealer usually fence a little before settling.
Tuffy Auto Service Centers have no problem blowing their own horn, but a good sense of humor and clear information do make getting there half the fun.
Books you have already read, coats when its summer, 10 of your 20 plates, linen you’re not sleeping in, all these things can be boxed up and moved.
It will probably take you a few days if not weeks to remember to change all your addresses so start right now. The day of the move turn off the power, hot water, gas, internet and anything else that is costing you money. If you are going back and forth a few boxes will do as you can unpack and repack as you go.
If you have already booked a removalist this shouldn’t be changed but if it looks like it is going to rain be prepared with umbrellas, tarps and towels.
It’s a good idea if you can drive back and forth moving smaller items to take your pets with you. If you haven’t learnt to drive a car with a trailer or a truck then a removalist company is a must. If you are renting you definitely want your bond back and if you are selling – having a clean and fresh home will raise the price.

The changes that happen in the body when you begin to control your breathing include reducing your heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. You can do it whenever the mood strikes: in your pajamas when tomorrow’s to-do list won’t quit scrolling through your brain, in rush hour traffic, or when you’re sprawled out on your mat thirty minutes into your morning yoga session. Heck, Kevin McCallister’s parents broke some major child endangerment laws when they left him behind in the classic Christmas movie Home Alone.
Listen to the crackle of twigs and gravel beneath your feet — or the crunching of snow as your heels melt into the white matter.
As you find your own calm zone, you will be able to tap a heightened experience of joy and productiveness. Knowing that 2015 is just around the corner, you naturally want to be prepared by doing your end-year clearing and intention setting now.
This is the calm zone within that you naturally can access with mindfulness, a persistent attention to your emotional state, and making wise choices of how to use your energy. This keeps you from getting ahead of yourself, obsessing about past holiday experiences, and needlessly worrying about future outcomes.
Being at war with deadlines or family obligations will trigger a high-alert in your nervous system.
When Henry Ford built that first Model T, we got out on the open road, enjoying every moment. It’s actually easier than you might think to take good care of your car, and here are a few of our favorite car care tips websites. Products are listed across the top and bottom of the site and highlighted in the text between headings, but columns still focus on the work to be done, with or without sponsoring products.
The customer section of the site contains good tip sheets including gas-saving tips, going green, and other issues of concern to car owners.
An interesting collection of tips hardly seems a stash of closely-guarded secrets, but the site will help you understand mileage-per-gallon calculations and has good information on taking care of tires and how tires are graded. Car Care articles in sidebars on the home page focus strictly on keeping your car clean and ding-free. Organized around the phrase “Now, that’s a Tuffy,” the site offers nearly a hundred (97, actually) articles on all aspects of car care. If you know how to drive, own a car and the move isn’t too far, start moving things across now.
Bank statements, bills, eBay purchases, your dentist, friends and family – all these people need and want to know your new address. A great idea to save you time and money is to wrap all glass wear and crockery in clothes and tea towels. Have towels at the door so the removalist and anyone else helping out doesn’t walk dirt into your new home. Try to eat all perishables in the weeks coming up to a move and stop buying foods that need to be kept cool.
Most can be hired by the hour and offer packing, unpacking, wrapping, assembly and disassembly services.
These last days of 2014 can then be fully utilized as a treasure chest of opportunity – letting go of the old and preparing to shine your light even more brightly in 2015. Only by being present, grounded, and in your heart can you connect with your divine power to create.

Before your next getaway, fun road trip or cruise around the block, check out these helpful car care tip websites! Council events in various communities are listed on both a calendar and an interactive map.
The site also presents a unique piece on how to communicate effectively with your car mechanic or service person, with tips on how to observe problems, how to organize your information and how to present it to a professional. Topics can be thumbed through digitally or picked at random off the list—“ceramic brake care,” okay, why not? Time to hop on the mat, yogi, and when we’re done Down Dogging, we can do the following to stay calm in the crowded mall and wherever we go. There are fun things to do, people you want to see, and perhaps obligations causing you stress. Calm comes from being in tune and in time with your own natural rhythms and what’s truly important in the moment. Get into the habit of self-inquiry to determine how much of your mood or negative thinking has been influenced by others.
In the same moment you are doing one thing, you are likely processing some information or an event that came on your radar moments before. The “Find a Shop” feature includes photos of some facilities and, for the more ambitious, the site contains a link to Haynes automotive and motorcycle maintenance manuals. Major headings offer a whole on-line textbook; scope out “How Cars Work” to get a feel for the book.
The link between car care and Mother’s Day might seem a little forced, but Tuffy’s is the only car care site giving it a try, and it’s well done. This eliminates the need for newspapers which can turn everything black and means a chunk of your clothes are packed too, two birds one stone! All those jobs you might not want to do!  You may also need to look into skip bin hire if you have a range of hard rubbish to dispose of before moving in to your new place! Some things simply must get finished before year-end, and you can stress over them, even if they aren’t really hard to accomplish. Even seemingly minor bits of input can trigger an avalanche of processing deep within you – with or without your awareness. Promotional materials encourage dealers and repair facilities to conduct Car Care events, especially during April, which is National Car Care Month, but there is never a sense that inexperienced owners are slighted in favor of experienced industry members. Invite spirit to connect you with a happier state and intend to notice things you do enjoy about your life. Find your calm by acknowledging the need to pace yourself and by understanding that much more than you can possibly imagine is unfolding outside your immediate awareness. Service schedules, shop contacts and clear information help car owners feel like partners with industry members. Take moments of time-out here and there to simply be still and shut down focus on your incoming antenna. Invite dreams to help you process life experiences and to prepare you for what’s next.

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