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Are you exhausted and upset because your kids seem disrespectful, entitled or ungrateful for all the things you do for them? Letting children get away with too much—or overindulging them by giving them everything they want—can be as damaging to their feelings of self-worth as being too strict.These are all signs that you may want to try a new approach.
Sacrificing themselves by drawing attention to their behavior and away from a parent’s own struggles with stress, anxiety, depression, conflict, etc.
Family researchers have known for years that healthy families create environments that balance large doses of love and warmth with sufficient firmness and structure. For kids to be happy and successful, it means teaching them to respect the needs of others, honor rules and limits, and learn self-control.
Infants need to be spoiled, but as children grow older it’s best if they are weaned from being the center of the universe.
Since a crucial part of parenting is being able to put your foot down now and then, you can’t be dependent on your children’s love and approval. Parents can learn to endow their children with the social and emotional tools they need to survive life’s inevitable stresses and frustrations. For a practical hands-on manual for turning around the power imbalance, check out the new book, Who’s the Boss?

As we take on parental authority in a firm and loving manner, or take it back after having lost it, our kids can go back to being kids again—relieved to let parents do their job of parenting. Last updated: 16 Mar 2015Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. They become anxious about the impulses they can’t control and, as a result, feel badly about themselves and guilty about the pain they are causing. The goal is simple—namely to help children feel good about themselves and have love and respect for others. We also need to dish out daily doses of love and warmth, say yes to their efforts, support their unique passions, and ask them to make age-appropriate contributions to both family and community. One mom realized in therapy that she had relaxed the rules too much with her eight-year-old son, Matthew, because of recent family traumas. Others have a hard time making or keeping friends because they don’t share very well or want to be center stage. Kids who act and are treated like they are the boss of the family not only drive their parents crazy but often get in trouble in school, have difficulty with peers, and are deprived of fundamental lessons needed to survive in a world that will not always revolve around them. Without love and warmth they tend to feel abandoned and resentful, and without firmness and structure they will often test until or unless limits are set.

For example, an important ingredient of early parenting is to bond with an infant and provide what is called attachment parenting.
There’s also a big difference between parental behaviors that are nurturing versus indulgent— doing things for kids that they can do for themselves. This is especially true when parents lack adequate social support from extended family or friends. Matthew had lots of feelings about losing his family and all of his possessions, but was also acting out as a way of testing boundaries. A dramatic reduction in his anxiety occurred only after the parents learned to set better limits.

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