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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The intelligence, loyalty, and agility of the breed all contribute to a dog that makes not only a great herder, but also a great family companion.
As mentioned before, the Australian Shepherd actually originated in the United States, not Australia.
The breed can be split into two categories when considering appearance - those bred for work and those bred for show. Many suffer from eye problems such as cataracts, and epilepsy is also a common problem that may or may not be treatable.
Also be aware that if two merle parents are bred they could produce an offspring which inherits two merle color genes.
Proper puppy socialization and puppy training are essential for all dogs, including the Australian Shepherd. One common theme coming from owners of Australian Shepherd puppies is that they can be very destructive little beasts!
Aussies are such an intelligent, sociable and active breed which is great but the flip side is that they don't do well when left alone and isolated for long periods. If you are an active person looking for an intelligent dog who wants nothing more than to work hard to please you, then the Australian Shepherd may be the dog for you. House Breaking Your Puppy One of the most important and first thing you will do in your Puppy Training is potty training. The First StepsBefore you start the process you have to keepthe following things in mind –• Cut those close and cuddly ties you have already established with your puppy.• Keep him confined to a small area (not your lap) in the home.
Get a Crate or, a KennelWhen you are not actively engaged in playing with orwalking your puppy he should be in a crate includingnights and while you are not home.This step is important because the puppy should notexpect, nor should he be given free run of yourhome. Get a Crate or, a KennelSome things that you might want to keep in mind are –• The crate should be large enough for your dog to sit up, stand, and turn around.
Use a Stop Watch or, TimerThere are some good grass beds available that arean alternative to pee pee pads.They are much more appealing to look at and tosmell.
Follow a ScheduleThe rule of thumb is that a puppy can hold it for one hourfor every month of age plus one hour.
Continue your Cue PhraseContinue using your cue phrase while thepuppy goes potty, until he is completelyfinished.Once he is done praise him and give himaffection and a small treat. Final StepsWith few exceptions this plan should work to haveyour puppy trained within a few days.If you still have problems you may need to adjust yourschedule so that it better suits his needs. Final StepsKeep a good supply of floor and carpet cleaner inhand to deal with any messes the puppy might makein those first few years.Also, never demean or punish your puppy foraccidents.
How to Train Your Pitbull Puppy?Hope You enjoyed this video on potty training your puppy?This is just one of the many aspects discussed in this very informativehandbook on dog training – “Train Your Puppy at home”.Grab a FREE Copy of this handbook today while we are stilloffering it for FREE! This herding dog may be called an "Australian" Shepherd, but the breed actually originated in the harsh Old West, and is therefore an American breed.
If you are looking for a compact dog who loves a hard day's work, read on to find out more about the Australian Shepherd (often called an "Aussie"). In the Old West herders were more concerned with how well the dog could work, not what he looked like. At this point the dog caught the attention of movie makers, largely due to the breed's intelligence and how easy they were to train.

Show dogs tend to have longer coats and are bred to meet the breed standard, while working dogs tend to be a bit thinner and have shorter coats.
Their coats can come in four color combinations, including: black tri or red tri, merle, fully black or fully copper, or solid color trimmed with white. An Australian Shepherd tends to latch on to one person in particular, and he looks up to that person as his leader.
The best advice I could give to you is to seek out a reputable and well respected Aussie breeder when searching for your Australian Shepherd puppy.
Australian Shepherds excel at all kinds of dog sports and training activities such as flyball, agility and advanced obedience training.
You will build and strengthen a truly solid bond with your dog throughout the training process. Your Aussie will have no trouble picking up all the basic obedience training commands such as sit, come, stay and down. Always keep in mind that your Aussie was bred to herd so those instincts are never far from the surface.
The breed do require work and training to shape a balanced and well-behaved dog, but the effort is more than worth it.
This will give him an early sense of dominanceand make it harder to train him.Most dogs do not poop in their kennels, so youreduce the risk of an in home accident. If your dog is twomonths old he should be able to hold it for three hours.However, this does not mean you should wait three hoursbefore taking him out.
If he does not gopotty within five minutes take him back insideand put him in his kennel.Wait fifteen to twenty minutes and try it again. Many of the sheep and shepherds in the Old West were from Australia, so some think the dog was named after these Aussie sheep herders. When folks from the East Coast came out to settle the West they also met the Spanish settlers who lived there already, along with Australians who shipped their sheep to the new land. Australian Shepherds have starred in some Disney films, including Run Appaloosa Run, and Stub: The Greatest Cowdog in the West.
The breed also carries genes for many different colored eyes, including green, hazel, brown and blue.
The herding instinct is also very strong, meaning that the dog will want to herd people or small children - which can be frightening to little ones. The breed is generally good with children, when the herding instinct can be kept under control. For example, the mutant MDR1 gene can create severe reactions to ordinary medications such as heartworm medicine. Please be wary of any breeder trying to sell a pure white Australian Shepherd, as the genetic defects are often inescapable. Aussies are very willing and capable students who respond best to positive, reward based training methods such as clicker training.
For this reason one of the most important commands to teach and proof with your dog is the "recall" or "come when called" command.
This problem can be alleviated through some proper chew toy training and also teaching bite inhibition. Good luck searching for the Australian Shepherd of your dreams, may you bring each other much joy! As far as they are concerned there are very few places that are not an acceptable place to pee or, poop.

They like their crate or doghouse and it makes them feel secure.Dogs like being praised, so by training themyou will be able to get them the praise thatthey desperately yearn for.
Your local dog shelter would probably love a donation of an old kennel if you are so inclined.
The best time to get a puppy is Friday after work so you have at least two full days to spend solely on housebreaking.
It seems a little gross, but can be a necessity if you live in an apartment where going downstairs constantly can be a hassle.
Neither of theseare good options if your puppy will eventually be amedium to large sized dog. He is notpurposely disobeying you.All he wants is your love and approval, the more ofthat you are able to give to him the more he willbehave in a positive manner. Others believe that the blue merle coloring inherent to many dogs from Australia was associated with that country, so when the breed began to take on that coloring it became known as the Australian Shepherd. Because the dog has so much energy and intelligence he needs a job, or he will create one of his own! Aussies will also tend to be very reserved around strangers, and the family must show the dog that this person is "ok" in the home. The gene removes the ability for the body to remove certain drugs and toxins from the brain, resulting in death.
You certainly won't require any harsh punishments or corrections when training your Aussie.
Most of your time should be spent around the house with your new dog making him feel comfortable and getting him on a puppy schedule.
Big dogs equal bigpuddles and big poops, the pads and grass beds arenot large enough to handle it.
Each time youfeed the dog he should be given a set amount of time,maybe fifteen to thirty minutes to eat and then the foodshould be taken away. Some of the breeds that are thought to have been mixed to produce the Australian Shepherd include the: English Shepherd, Kelpie, Australian Cattle Dog, Bouvier des Flandres, Scottish Collie, and the Welsh Sheepdog. The dogs usually have their tails docked at puppy-hood, though some are born with cropped or half-cropped tails. It is likely that his created job will be annoying and destructive; no one likes to be bored.
An Australian Shepherd certainly isn't a simple dog, though he is one that can be magnificent when well trained.
Other drugs that can affect the dog include diarrhea medicine and calming agents such as sedatives and anesthesia. It should be relatively easy for you to train your dog to go outside if you are willing to follow the steps given here. Of course, there are probably other varieties not mentioned, or even known that went into the creation of this great breed. Whatever color combination the dog ends up with, the breed is truly unique and extremely interesting to look at. If you have a small farm or a little land, the Australian Shepherd could be the perfect dog for you.

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