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Kids Costumes - This kids green Triceratops dinosaur costume includes the light plush full screen printed dinosaur costume jumpsuit with detailed gloves and feet.
Kids Costumes - This Child Dragonsaurous Dragon Costume includes the green and yellow jumpsuit with front closure, tail with fabric spikes and attached dragon head hood.
If your child normally wears a size Toddler 4, please note this Toddler size costume is best fit for sizes 2-3.

Hand painted with dinosaurs, trees, and a shiny rainbow, this is surely an attractive piece.
Toy chest features a secure lid with safety hinges and a spacious area for your child to store their toys.
The head fell forward into his face so we put a baseball cap under it and that cured the problem.

The costume I got was a 4 and it was almost too small for him in the torso and pulled a bit in the crotch area.

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