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Our daughters Hannah and Molly, budding fashionistas, bring you great ideas too -- so join us on our refashion adventures!
Motherhood – hey I get it!Always floral in the SpringAn extra day – LEAP YEARHow do your clothes make you feel?
Armed with some chaps, a vest and his trusty cowboy hat, he's got the kind of guts to take on any bandit.
Here we feature daily DIY refashion tutorials and inspiration, including our projects as well as the best of the community.

It’s even more darling seeing the toddler wearing it, so visit the post below to see more pictures.
I was nervous about sizing being too large based on the measurements listed, but it is a PERFECT fit. The dress with slip detail, apron and hair tie are adorable and truly replicate the look of Alice.
My daughter is a slim 5T, about 43" tall and 37 pounds.I was wary about ordering a costume online, but I can say that this one is a real winner.
I got asked multiple times if it was homemade because because it didn't look as cheap as most kids store bought costumes do.

The 2T was very roomy, my daughter is tall and skinny, and the length was nice and long, very true to the Disney cartoon version.

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