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I’m not usually a fan of pictures of kids on the toilet, but how could you not with that last one?! This entry was posted in A Right of Passage and tagged A Right of Passage, Inspirational Quotes, Quotes about Acceptance, Quotes about Growth, Quotes about letting go, Quotes about Life, SevenPonds, Stephen Levine quotes. A Massachusetts mother wants to know how her two-year-old son ended up on the roof after she left him with a baby sitter on the first floor.
The funniest was when he fell asleep while eating at the dinner table while visiting my parents.
My little ones never fall asleep anywhere but bed, and the VERY occasional nap in the car seat. Today she climbed up on my lap and was out in two minutes (while her daddy was making her lunch). Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. So, even though 19-months-old is much earlier than Mommy and Daddy were ready for it, I get a toddler bed!!
When Mommy came into my room I had books strewn all over my bed and was as happy as could be. She’s ass up in her crib most of the time, but sleeping on any horizontal surface, standing or no, has happened and will happen again. My personal favorite was when she passed out as she was trying to climb under the bathroom door.
I thought maybe he squished it or snagged it on something and just said nothing because he’s a tough boy.

I assumed it was the same one and said yes, but when he got home, I found he was missing yet another nail. I assumed maybe he had brittle nails for some reason—iron deficiency maybe—and put him on a multi-vitamin. Well, now we have to go back in time, to about a month ago, when my entire household had a bad case of hand, foot, and mouth. As it turns out, peeling nails, nail shedding, or nail loss, also known as Onychomadesis, is a little known complication of hand, foot, and mouth typically presenting about 3 to 4 weeks after infection, but may occur anywhere from 1 to 10 weeks after.What is Onychomadesis and why does it happen?Onychomadesis is a fancy medical word for the occurrence of peeling nails which may break or fall off completely shedding at the nail bed. You may notice the nail turns white before falling off and there may or may not be a new nail beginning to grow in below it. Onychomadesis is caused by a temporary stop or slowing in nail growth, in this case, the hand, foot, and mouth virus itself interrupts nail growth so as the nail grows up and out, there is a gap, so to speak, in the nail bed, which causes the nail above it to fall off.
As hand, foot, and mouth primarily attacks the feet and hands, it makes sense that it may also affect the nail bed—this just certainly was not something I had ever heard of and it did not happen the first time my kids had hand, foot, and mouth.
It’s suggested that only certain strains of hand, foot, and mouth cause peeling nails, shedding or nails falling off.What do I do if my kid has peeling nails or nails falling off?Yeah, there’s some horror movie gross-out with this one, seriously, it is disturbing, but all my kids communicate well, and they all said that it did not hurt.
In fact, when I removed the remainder of one nail falling off, my 2 year old didn’t even flinch. So while peeling nails, shedding off may look painful and very yucky, it likely isn’t causing your child pain.
The condition is not permanent, so if it keeps happening, you should definitely speak with your pediatrician. There are other causes of nail peeling, nails falling off, or nail shedding, but honestly, they are quite uncommon.

Even fungal infections tend to only damage nails, not make them just sort of fall off.Anyway, I will say this whole experience was rather educational. The wonderful thing about kids—and even crappy situations like lost nails in kids—is that you learn something new everyday.
Reply ↓ Anonymous February 25, 2016 at 6:57 am Thank you for sharing about your experience!
We were really concerned and then realized our little one had hand foot and mouth disease about 8 weeks ago. I was getting worried because my son also had HFM a month or 6 weeks ago and then this past week showed me his nail and it was peeling from the nail bed. But I kinda figured it was related to HFM and that there wasn’t much a doc could do about it! I freaked out when i saw this happening to my 2 year old and my 4 year old at the same time after 7 weeks of hand foot and mouth. My 2 year old had the same, was a bit concerned but figured it might be from the hand, foot and mouth he had a few weeks ago.

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