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The family seat is available at a few retailers, so shop around – we bought ours from John Lewis and retails for ?39. What are some of your multitasking products that are invaluable to you?  I’d love to hear about them. Posted in Cool Gear, Home & Garden, Kids, MumsYou can Leave a response, or Trackback from your own site. Disclaimer: Comments and entries represent the viewpoints of the individual and no one else. April 14, 2011 by Betchay 31 Comments One of the best things about Seoul is the easy accessibility to public toilets. One of the best and the cleanest toilets I’ve visited in Seoul is the one pictured below.
It is true, though, that compared to California, where I live, there is better accessibility to public toilets in Korea. I visite Korea and Seoul three times and I have been totally impressed using the korean toilet.

If this public toilet is inside a LOTTE Department Store then I bet any Greenbelt or Ayala Mall toilet in the Philippines is equally clean and efficient. I should be posting soon the public toilets of Hongdae, Hoegi, and Sinchon… complete opposite of what you see here. No offense ha, but Greenbelt 1 doesnt have tissue, to think na it’s already a high-class mall.
Use the checklist below to measure your toddler's progress toward readiness, and keep in mind that starting before your child is truly ready doesn't mean you'll finish sooner — it's more likely that the process will just end up taking longer.
Learn when is a good time to begin potty training, tips for success, managing accidents, and when to seek medical advice. This brand new seat exclusive to Plumbtap will help you make the transition a lot more smoother. The WC-seat consists of a normal WC-seat and an additional stable children seat, that can be folded up.
It reminds me of some of the public toilet I’ve seen in Tokyo and the one at Narita Airport of course.

Blogs like yours are excellent sources of information for relocating expats, so we would love to include it with our other 1,700+ self-listed blogs.
Greene's website answers parents questions about potty training, and how best to help parents potty train their children.
How i wish someday, some of the public toilets in Manila will looks just a little bit like that in Seoul…. It also has a diaper changing table and a chair where a mom can put her toddler while she does her stuff. My dearest wish is to visit Korea by next year…I hope to get to know Korea a bit better through ur blog. If it’s the Philippines, it must always be the dirty, negative, ugly, mediocre, corrupt side, disregarding the other side.

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