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Hot Wheels Switchers (bought from Sears for over $50 with tax), fully adjustable boot thru 4 sizes! Harry managed nearly 10 minutes but wanted a break, but we managed to get back on for another 10 minutes using the push along rocker which Harry loved. The session went really well and it was positive step forward and a new experience for both Harry and me.  We have since returned and tried again and he was much better and a little more confident.

The Link Centre, Swindon has a good Cafe up on the 1st floor above the ice rink, we were able to get food and highchairs are also provided.  Baby changing facilities are also on the 1st floor by the reception area. Parking is at the back of the link centre which is also towards the back of the large ASDA next door.
Includes ICE and INLINE roller blades, easily adjustable with push button and easily converts from ice to inline roller skates.

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