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Most kids LOVE the exhilarating feeling of gliding down a slide…even if it is just a mini one. I gotta say these pop-up tents with attaching tunnels are so much fun for babies and toddlers to explore.  They can crawl around and let their imaginations run wild.
I had to throw this one on the list simply knowing how much my little boy enjoys cruising on ride-on toys of all sorts.
Today is my BOOST MY POST (or you can wait for next Saturday if you already added two but I think you only shared one) and then Tuesday night at 7pm EST my Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop goes live. We have one such slide that was used every single day in the summer time so I just decided to wash it down and bring it indoors.  It wasn’t being put to any use out in the snow so makes for the perfect addition to an indoor gym!

My daughter (7 months) just started standing a couple weeks ago, so it won’t be long before I will need something like this for her!
Especially made for indoor active play, CedarWorks’ Rhapsody line features amazingly designed structures that will entice your child into staying mobile while encouraging an imaginative game. He loved it so much then, I figure he will love it even more now that he is all about diving into little nooks to hide.
Each Rhapsody playset and playhome is designed of high quality materials, and they are made to a scale that fits inside a home, as opposed to outside.
I even posted a few ideas of entertainment that have helped keep my little one active for quite awhile during these storms!

These are fully custom-ready sets that come in various sizes, colors, configurations and prices to suit any family. If you can find an empty cardboard box or bucket you already have your hoop.  I think a nice twist here is to grab a variety of balls of different textures and sizes and let your toddler further explore his tactile senses.
Playsets are depending on what your child would like, you can add ramps, a climbing wall, a firepole, doors, monkey bars, a bridge and so much more.

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