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Playground: cartoon illustration of a young girl and a cute toddler playing together at the park. 1 year limited warranty on Moving Parts, Swing Seats, Swing Hangers and all other material. She picked a dress with sleeves (I coaxed the long sleeve part after doing the it’s cold out gestures). While not shown, Zoe refuses to be out in public without her purse, shades and lipstick formally known as Chapstick! Tons of activities, slides & climbers will keep your little ones laughing and playing for hours!

The whole need for independence, desire to call the shots (however loud they might be) and moving at their own pace.
A dress at the playground isn’t exactly what one thinks of when you hear toddler style at the playground.
She’s a shoe girl to her heart and she earned it fair and square but these win for the playground and sometimes for school. While I love it because in my heart, dresses or skirts should be worn daily and flats are my new jam, I also know, it’s not always great for the park. My daughter is the same way and let me warn you it only gets worst when they start school and there is dress down day.

You know they go under your dress or skirt because little ladies and grown women alike should exercise a little modesty (PSA, sort of).

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