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First things first: Potty knowledge is potty power, so start your pupil off by imparting a little waste wisdom. We had glorious weather here last weekend in Barwon Heads, Summer really is just around the corner! With the warmer weather as my reminder I thought that along with profiling the boys product of month that we would take this opportunity to share with you some further very imporant information on sun safety.
Because I have the classic porcelain Irish white skin that burns within minutes when out in the sun and Darragh has been 'lucky' enough to inherit this from me I am always incredibly conscious of sun safety when we are out and about. Approximate age range 12 months -5yrs!Designed by Penny Scallan, this stylish hat has been made from 100% cotton fabric and is perfect for daycare, Kinder, School or trips to the park! However if sun exposure during these hours is unavoidable what are some of the top things you can do to protect your children from the sun? Shade - Finding a shady tree to sit under when outdoors is a great way to protect yourself and your children from the sun, but don't be fooled, sitting in the shade alone will not prevent sunburn. Sunglasses - Wearing sunglasses combined with a broad brimmed hat can greatly reduce UV rays. Sunscreen - Combining a 30 +SPF sunscreen to all exposed skin areas, shade, hats and appropriate clothing is the best way to protect your childrens skin from the sun. Remember be a sunsmart model, children are more likely to follow appropriate sun protection if you do! For further information on sun protection please contact your local Cancer Council in each state.
I have never really found the season that you attempt potty training to make any huge difference but I do know, passed down to us from lots of people in our lives, comes the thought that toilet training is easier in the summer.
Potty training can take a few days to a few weeks so it is very important that you have the time to put into it. For a complete guide on potty training please see the chapter in my Toddler book on page 239 onwards or you can purchase my Crash course in Potty training as a PDF from my website. To keep up to date with weekly product specials, competitions and news from Save Our Sleep join Tizzie's fan page! Nearly two years ago, I decided to try to potty train my oldest daughter, Ginny, who had just turned two.

For those of you going through the same thing, I thought I'd share some tips on surviving potty training with a stubborn-as-hell toddler. I love it when the weather warms up, the boys and I can head down to the beach or the river and watch Daddy on his life saver jet-ski! Therefore this month the boys would like to share their favourite product being Penny Scallen Hats.
They come in really cool patterns that we just love and because we love the patterns we wear our hats! Where possible it is best to schedule trips outdoors to the park or beach or river outside of these hours. It is fine to try and make this light clothing but remember, very light clothing will still allow sun through - try holding the piece of clothing up to the sun and this will give you a good indication of how much sunlight will get through.
Flexible hats are best as they allow your baby to still rest their head back in a pram or against you without discomfort.
Therefore I know lots of parents are likely to be currently considering this big milestone step. If you can take some time off from work that is a good idea to get your toddler off to a good start and give him or her the time they deserve to achieve this very important milestone.
Alternatively, I will be giving away free a copy of my Potty Training guide with all toilet training products until the end of November.
Laugh hysterically at every potty training article that suggests you can do it in three days or less! If you have a friend whose child magically potty trained themselves in a matter of days, avoid any potty training conversation with them.
Try one of these simple potty-training activities: Together, each of you use a finger to draw an imaginary line from your mouth to your tummy to the parts of your body that excrete waste.
Explain that everyone's body uses some of what it eats for energy to play, work, and grow, and it gets rid of the rest. Mummy makes sure that whenever we go outside we also put on long sleeved sunsuits, sunscreen and our hats.
You can purchase childrens specialised UV resistant clothing from places such as the Cancer council.

It is generally not recommended for babies under the age of 6 months to use sunscreen and that clothing and keeping your baby out of the sun is the best protection. In my experience it is very important to prepare well for potty training and make sure that your toddler is ready. If you have other children it may be a good idea to seek an extra pair of hands to help with other children so that you can focus only on your toddler. I'm not sure what magically happened on that day, but she started using the potty and got excited every time she succeeded. Read it, then burn the damn thing when you realize your child doesn't want to do as suggested. Or, each of you draw a picture of the food you ate today disappearing into your mouth and coming out the other end. Please remember though to never have your pram in direct sunlight when using shades as babies can get very hot in the pram on sunny days under sun shades. Avoid baseball style caps as these do not provide adequate sun protection to the back of the head,ears and neck.
However if you are unavoidably in the sun with your baby you can use infant recommended sunscreen but it is only recommend this be placed ligthly on exposed skin such as the face, hands and feet. Remember that sun can also burn you and your children through the windows of cars so remember to use window shades on hot days. Instead, she would hide in her closet at night, once her Pull Ups were back on, to do the deed.
It seems that once she realized that her friends did both things on the potty, she decided to do it as well.

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