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My toddler won’t eat dinner, then wakes up in the middle of the night crying from hunger. So we have decided that sleep is important, as is breaking the cycle, and we’ve been making her her own dinners. After reading your question, I immediately reached for my trusted, beat-up, dog-eared copy of How To Get Your Kid To Eat…But Not Too Much and had a good laugh when it miraculously opened to the appropriate chapter all on its own. I just read the chapter again about a month ago, when my 2-year-old decided to refuse about 75% of his previously accepted foods. Since then, his portions have mostly been tiny little toddler-sized portions, but he is indeed EATING more things, more regularly.
So, my first piece of advice is, as always, to please please please buy Ellyn Satter’s book and read Chapter 9 yourself. This dinner thing is a pure power play, and one that (in her mind) is worth playing even if she’s a skosh on the hungry side. Amy also documented her second pregnancy (with Ezra) in our wildly popular Weekly Pregnancy Calendar, Zero to Forty. Sign up for the web’s most entertaining (while informative) weekly newsletter on your pregnancy! At what age is it developmentally appropriate to expect them to sit at the table through dinner, even when they refuse to eat?
Our daughter has sat in her high chair for meals with us since she was 7 months (26 months now). We have an 18 month old too, and we expect him to sit in his high chair until we are done (like you, really only a few minutes more). Just so you don’t despair Elizabeth, I have taken the opposite approach with my kids. My daughter (18mo) has never been on the weight curve but she is following her own curve just below. I would have to say it was comforting reading the comments from other mom’s with petite kiddos. In the absence of a health problem, I say try the adding-her-foods to dinner and forcing her to sit there for the duration thing, but if she still doesn’t eat and wakes you up at 3am?
And developmentally a two-year-old cannot distinguish between being punished for getting up over not eating.
I think that is all very different from the tone of this post and some of the comments that I read. Brooke is aged 20 but she has physical and cognitive features of an one-year-old infant (Youtube capture)Although she looks like a baby, Brooke Greenberg from Reisterstown, Maryland, is actually 20-year-old. Brooke Greenberg was born in 1993, but can not speak, still have milk teeth and walks using a trolley.
Scientists believe her unique DNA could offer important clues about the aging process and lead to the development of treatments for diseases such as Parkinson that occurs at old age. Over years she has undergone numerous examinations at most famous American medical institutes, but no official diagnosis for Brooke’s state has been released, prompting doctors to name her condition Syndrome X. Brooke Greenberg stopped growing at age 4 to 5, has remained the same size for 15 years as she is diagnosed with syndrome X condition. A family was removed from a Cathay Pacific flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong after their toddler refused to put on his seatbelt. Flight CX654 was delayed as the three-year-old boy refused the safety measure and caused a heated argument between his parents and cabin crew, South China Morning Post reports. After flight attendants asked the family to follow safety instructions, the family argued that the boy should sit on his mother's lap instead. A fellow passenger named as Lau took a video of the incident, which shows an irritated passenger calling for cabin crew to "call police". After holding up the flight for around 30 minutes, the family were forced to leave the plane.Apple Daily posted a video of the incident, including animated footage of what happened. Doctors told Raluca and Phil Vinson that two-year-old Alexander would benefit from proton beam therapy (PBT) after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour in July.
The radiation treatment accurately targets tumours and was successfully used to treat Ashya whose parents took him abroad after he was refused the treatment in the UK. Alexander has also been denied funding for the procedure and earlier this month his parents started raising the ?150,000 themselves to have it carried out in the US.
But chemotherapy is failing to stop the tumour and his parents are now aiming to get him on the next available trip to Oklahoma on November 23. He has also had three rounds of chemotherapy at Southampton General Hospital – the same unit where Ashya King was removed by his parents.
With six more rounds of chemo to go, he has been given about a 60 per cent chance of survival.

Raluca and engineer Phil, 41, from Dilton Marsh, Wilts., have set up a fundraising page to reach their ?150,000 target and have already got ?27,000.
It is understood they need to raise the money by November 21 in order to be able to book the first appropriate flight to America on November 23. The treatment itself costs about ?80,000, but money is also needed for accommodation, flights and any medical help he will need after the procedure.
One in five people over the age of 70 is unable to go up or down the stairs without harm, and almost a third are not using their kitchen as they feel they cannot safely use it. A study of 2,000 adults found that while calorie counting and ‘five a day’ are a focus of their daily food plan, a large percentage admit they often forget to consider things such as putting sugar or syrup on their cereal or dressing on a salad.
While kissing at least seven times a week was critical to keeping the fire burning year after year. Luke Cameron: Within seconds of seeing Ms Swale brutally knocked to the floor - tears ran down my eyes.
With each of my toddlers (and on behalf of many Advice Smackdownateers’ toddlers), when they all went through some random power trip at the table.
Not only is it chock full of advice that WORKS, it will also help you — as the kids today say — calm yo tits about how much your kid isn’t eating. A child your daughter’s age only needs about 600 calories a day to cover her basic needs. In fact, that probably makes it even MORE worth playing, because it tests the limits even further, into the Toddler Danger Zone. She will definitely survive until snacktime, and then should hopefully make it until breakfast without begging for food again. I read the Satter book and we serve our 18-month old son a small portion of what we’re having for dinner.
I never, ever force my kids to eat anything they don’t want to, but I draw the line at playing short-order cook. I didn’t mean to imply that the only solution is an extreme where you are cooking up a four course meal for your toddler, or some other equally inconvenient option. Besides the physical stagnation, she did not develop cognitively as well, as her intellectual capacity is similar to that of a 1-year-old toddler.
She is fed through a tube that is connected directly to the stomach because her esophagus is so tiny that food may reach her lungs causing pneumonia.
PBT means it doesn’t affect any of the cells around the tumour and that gives him a better chance of living a better life. It is a specialist and very rare treatment and the list doesn’t include his particular tumour. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It also emerged that many adults are consuming ‘invisible calories’ on top of their usual daily intake, with syrup, sugar and jam on porridge among the biggest culprits for the ‘hidden’ extra calories.
I got paranoid that he was losing baby fat and leaning out because of a caloric deficit (rather than just A Thing That Happens Around This Age). A couple nights ago I made chicken breasts with creamed leeks and dutifully put some small bites in front of him. We had to do the whole thing of giving her liquid whipping cream, adding butter and gravy and oil to EVERYTHING she ate, and picking high calorie, fatty foods for her.
He wanders a lot, but it’s amazing how dedicated he gets to eating when he wants to, and sits just great, scarfs the food down, then gets right back to playing. She’s 4 and a half now and we ask her to stay seated to encourage her brother, 18 months, to focus on eating. We talked about other things she could do if she woke in the middle of the night and within a night or two she stopped waking us up. So if she gets pancakes at breakfast on Monday she cannot have it again for a meal until Wednesday. My 16 month come and goes from the table, eats a variety of foods, and we never fight over food. That seems to me like fertile ground for a power struggle (not to mention a missed opportunity to try out new foods!).
I completely agree with you that because of their age they will see where the limit is, but there is a way to hold a limit with respect and in a supportive way. The table is where just about every toddler ever decides to start asserting themselves and testing limits and seeing exactly what they can get away with. I knew he had to be hungry (one time I found him in my office with a bag of raw almonds I keep there for my snack, stuffing his cheeks frantically like a chipmunk), but the act of sitting at the table with delicious, toddler-appropriate food in front of him invariably triggered his best power-play moves and he’d flat-out refuse to eat a bite. When that doesn’t work, we hand him a few of his board books and let him play with those.

My 3-year-old can sit for ten or fifteen minutes most nights, but occasionally she’s done after five.
Then sometimes, when Mommy and Daddy (or my favorite, just Mommy) are sitting at the big table, he’ll ask to join, and sit just fine on his own. Because yes, the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from a small cyclone strapped to a high chair does not make for nice dinner conversation. I believe this is because it has only been a positive situation where she is in control of her relationship with food, and she is not being forced or controlled to eat or sit. Obviously, she can eat more than that every day (to a max of about 1,200), especially if you’re hoping to pack on some weight. However, you CAN win the battle of where her butt is sitting for a particular block of time.
But, through doing all this, we have been able to keep her steady at that 1.75th percentile.
I still have anxiety about the way my SIL handled mealtimes and her stress and the effect it had on everyone when they were younger. With both of my kids, they eat until they are done, we push a little to keep them at the table, and then are excused. My 16-month-old will sit as long as her big sister is there, usually, but some nights she’ll be screaming after three minutes.
We talk to my daughter about her day but by the end of the meal my husband and I are often catching up on our day so I don’t blame the kids for wanting to go play.
At that age there is a lot of evidence to suggest that their taste buds are still developing and changing. It’s about learning and supporting someone completely, not about viewing them as little brats trying to upset or jerk you around on purpose.
There is nothing unreasonable about offering an alternative, but 5 alternatives might be too much. And I’m tired of making two meals and catering to her, but also tired of being woken by a hungry kid. They are healthy, happy, smart, normal in every way little boys who are just not very tall or heavy. My thought is that 5 or 10 minutes is no big deal, at this point I think he is capable of being patient-ish for short amounts of time. We all chose our battles to fight, and for my family it works best if we don’t go into a battle of wills at that hour.
Giving the toddler a few options, such as you can move freely around the dining room or seat in your seat, but you cannot run all over the house is meeting someone where they are, instead of expecting too much, or even worse having no limits and disrespecting the child that way. But, she is doing GREAT developmentally, and the doctor is not worried as long as she stays on this curve.
There is nothing about that 1% mark that says if you drop below it, then you will waste away and be doomed to remedial education. It’s a passing phase, and if handle in a respectful way will turn out healthy eaters. But he had to follow the family rule that we sit and keep each other company until mealtime is over.
But if you let it, the stress will totally come to dominate your relationship with your kid and anyone you eat in the company of.
Note that this doesn’t apply at restaurants…no racing around and disturbing others is allowed there! He’d drink a little milk and pick at whatever modest lunch item I laid out and then take a long afternoon nap. He’d wake up and skulk around the kitchen — but then refuse whatever snack I offered in a grumpy fit. And every day when I see that cup of barely sipped milk, I remember the guilt I felt when we first started the calorie boosting and she literally grew several inches in a few weeks.
It was like her body had been desperately needing extra calories, and I hadn’t known. So, despite the fear, and the worry, over my youngest, we are trying to maintain the same thing.

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