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According to the numerous studies kids’ bedroom design affects the worldview of a child, furthers creativity and imagination development, etc. Timeless blue palette underwent some changes and acquired a contemporary feel through trendy stripes, while floor and furniture made from natural materials won over plastic and acrylic.
Monotonic blue makes a room appear gloomy and cold, which can be flattened with striped print.
You can add fresh hints into an interior design of a boy’s bedroom using white furniture placed against walls accented with a few colors. In case there are unavoidable bright colors such as toxic ones that you want to downplay, think of shading them with a subdued backdrop in dark grey or intense brown. I would like to know where I can purchase the toddler bed that is shown in the blue airplane room.
I would like to know where I could purchase the bed which is for a boys room shape of a ship.
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Your toddler would fall in love with this room as it provides him with a bed that also doubles up as a car.
Small size room designed with red, blue, white and brown shades that make it look lively and eye-catching.
White theme room with cute wallpapers, a Mickey Mouse design, small colorful chairs and a table along with ample space for the toddler to play around. This purple and white room has been decorated with a plant, small bed having inside storage and lovely hangings that your naughty one would surely love. Create an interactive wall by decorating it with a huge scenery and install cupboards on another side to give the room a clean and cute look.
Long and large room with minimal decor and ample storage on side wall that also has a big blue chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
The pastel shades and the minimal furnishing make this room acquire a sober look but the classic lighting brings a modest semblance of glamour. Exclusive style toddler room with pretty colorful ceiling lighting matched by the wall decoration, cupboards and bed.

The light green sofa with attached reading lamps, cool wallpaper and the fancy light hanging from the ceiling create a charming look in the room. Green and white are a classic combination that is fit for the toddler’s room where he can read, rest and sleep in comfort. Modest size room designed with a comfortable colorful bed, chair and a study table for a plain but pleasant look.
The fancy round bed and the standing shelves make this toddler room, decorated with blue and pink shade, look elegant.
Check out the numerous colors that adorn the bed, chairs, table and curtains, lending the room a vibrant look. Have a look at this creatively done toddler room that has a butterfly design on the ceiling and a flower on the floor that are well complemented by surrounding furniture. The child playing with his guitar in the room, that has toys and other belongings of the kid spread in the background, presents a pleasing sight.
Sweet and sober bedroom for a toddler with sleek furnishing that nurses a serene ambience; conducive for reading and sleeping. Neat and orderly are the words that describe the look of this toddler room that also exudes a pleasant aura. A toddler room, exhibiting an animated theme, that is created with beautiful drawings and cute wall hangings.
White theme room with cupboards on side and square patterned floor that has been done creatively and makes fine use of the small space. The globes and map used in the bedroom make it fit for a studious toddler who can also have a joyful time on the swing. This room for two brothers has been designed with a collage of colors to create a bright atmosphere. Blue room with a pillow bearing the initial of the toddler and multiple pictures hung on the wall, oozes a restful look. CreativeFan is dedicated to bringing you the best tutorials, resources and inspiration for creativity, and they work tirelessly to bring you posts like these. I really like that it’s modern and boyish at the same time without being superhero-y.

I really need to update this picture of P when he was one grabbing his fat belly, but I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. I was wondering when you did the chalkboard paint, did you paint the wall or do you have to put something else on the wall first and then use the chalkboard paint over it?
You’ll see how well you can fit cars, sport, and other themes your son love in his bedroom.
Thus interior design of a kid’s bedroom shouldn’t be neglected, especially is your child already stepped in a toddler stage and started demonstrating his own opinions. However, if you want to avoid stripes, consider combining various shades on neighboring walls to bring an interesting twist to a boy’s bedroom.
Also make sure to add contrasting decorative elements in bold orange, red and green that work great when blended with a masculine blue. This is why the interior designers give a lot of attention to the theme and design.The look of the room has to match the needs of the person who would spend time in it. In other words, it must be charming enough to make him feel good and also comfortable enough to let him unwind. They decided to auction off EVERYTHING inside and this little desk is a gem I got at the auction {for like $15}. I was wondering if your walls were textured and if so, do you have to remove texture before doing the chalkboard wall?
Parents keep looking for toddler boy room ideas so that they can give their young ones a lovely environment.
There are various decorative pieces that one can use along with colors to make the room beautiful.
Below, we have showcased a collection of 23 images that will give you useful information regarding ideas for toddler rooms.

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