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There is nothing or no one more important than your kids, so you want to protect them in the car with a car seat. Your kids will love that they are sitting with Batman and you will love that they are safe.
All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. When I found out I was having my 4th boy last year I knew I needed some projects for the new baby since there was nothing to buy. One of the projects I came up with was to recover the infant car seat by covering the existing cover with cute fabric just because it was old and dingy and it would be fun to give it an upgrade. You are going to do this by using the existing cover and sewing the new fabric right over it. Now, grab your seam ripper and a good movie, because the next part is going to take a while.
Again, take a good look at how your seat cover is pieced together and memorize it so that you can put it back together. So basically you are just taking the whole thing apart, putting new fabric, bias tape, etc.

My one caution (other than making sure to remember how to put it back together) is to be sure to use the same seam allowances that your original car seat cover had.
I hope you will stop by and link up another fabulous project, this weeks party is now live. I’m going to leave this comment up so that others can read your concern but this is certainly no more dangerous than letting your baby have a blanket in the carseat.
I just wanted to add, warranties may mean nothing in relation to safety, but a quick google can tell you the numerable dangers of re-covering your car seat. The fabric you buy is not flame retardant in the way manufacturer car seat fabric is, even if you buy flame resistant fabric (like for curtains). The fabric you buy may not be of the same quality, thickness or durability that your car seat was tested in, thus nullifying the crash testing and potentially harming your baby.
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I didn’t do that super well on this toddler one and it came out slightly too small and it was a little tricky to get it back on the car seat. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. We are in the process of adopting a third child and would love to make a new cover when we get out little one!
Spreading information on how to make a product like this is putting thousands of innocent moms at risk who are unaware of this. A good idea is to mark your pieces as you take them apart so you remember where they go when you are done. I didn’t want to have to replace the carseats I already have, but they are pink and flowery.
This post should be removed from your blog, or at the very least, edited to add a disclaimer alerting readers to the fact that adding s cover like this will likely void their warranty and jeopardize their insurance.

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