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The Monkey loved the Halloween sensory bin and the Autumn sensory bin so much that I had to make another sensory bin for her from a few Christmas and winter-inspired items. SubscribeEach week, I send out a newsletter filled with crafty inspiration and free patterns. If your child enjoys reading lots of books about frogs or is tadpole obsessed, then this educational frog life cycle table is a perfect fit. Teach your child all about dinosaurs and other prehistoric life with this creative dino playscape idea.
Marshmallow themed activities may give you pause – because seriously, who wants their kiddo munching down a mountain of sugar?
Kids love playing with plain old rice in a sensory bin, but you can expand the learning and sensory experience with scented rice.
This awesome scented ice cream sensory table idea offers hours of entertainment for kids – especially when you add sprinkles. This wonderful Glowing Oobleck table is surprisingly safe and non-toxic for kids and of course super exciting for little ones. Get out your play kitchen gear, some fun cake toppings (think sprinkles and play fruit) and get baking with this clever baking sensory table activity. This muddy racing sensory table is not for the faint of heart, but if you’ve got the guts to make a BIG mess, this activity is sure to please most kids. When summer hits and the heat sets in, nothing is cooler than fun ice boats in the water table. If you’re on a tight budget, the bulk section of your grocery store will yield many inexpensive sensory table items.
No matter the season, you can celebrate with seasonal themed activities as seen in this and the next three slides.
Fall sensory bins can be very creative due to all the beautiful autumn leaves, but don’t stop there.

Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. When creating this one, I just threw together things I thought she would enjoy and would hold her interest. Last month, I didn’t add anything to the Autumn sensory bin and The Monkey lost interest after a couple weeks. Now that it’s October, I pulled out the contents and she is SO excited to see it again!
I have seen some pretty fun looking ideas for Halloween sensory bins online, so I will probably throw together a round-up of those to share as well.
Made with washable, non-staining, liquid watercolors, dish soap and water, this colorful foam offers tons of fun playtime.
Use sand, clay, dried beans, glass beans, rocks, tiny dino toys, plants and more to create this prehistoric world and add to the learning by reading a book about dinosaurs.
However, if you pour marshmallows into a sensory bin and add water, you’ll be amazed at the fluffy fun. In the image above, the bin is full of lemon scented (and colored) rice, but you can also try cotton candy, gingerbread, mint, banana, apple and other scented rice in your bin. You can use this mix in the bathtub or on a sensory table in a dark room or even outside at night. The rainbow colors add another layer of fun and this recipe is safe even if kids put some in their mouth. From rice grains to brown rice cereal to pasta to very loose grains like flour (if you’re brave enough to deal with a mess) and much more.
Add them to your sensory table with grass, beads, colorful pompoms, tongs and some egg cartons and you’ve got the perfect post (or pre) holiday sensory table event. Add traditional noodle scoops, tongs, scissors and other pasta tools for a whole day of fun.

For winter, try a icy cool snow dough and polar bear theme, add some winter word recognition aspects to a winter-themed bin or create an entire polar region sensory table.
Add tiny pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, acorns, tree branches, and much more that may appeal to kids in the fall. I  pulled out of our box of Christmas decorations to add a few stuffies from our collection before putting it out for her to find. The bells will fit in the small silicone  ice cube trays we used for the other bins so I might bring those out as well.
The Monkey loves playing with these and although they can make a mess all over the living room (and leave me still finding parts under the couch the following June), it’s so much fun to watch her learning and creating that we are enjoying another one. The Monkey loves playing with these and although they can make a mess all over the living room (and leave me still finding Halloween confetti under the couch the following June), it’s so much fun to watch her learning and creating that we are pulling it out again this year. Packed with pink and white rice, colorful shiny beads and fabric rose petals, this hyper pink bin can be used with toy fairies, little gnomes or other toys for hours of creative pink play. Just add some tongs, scoops, measuring cups of various types and sizes, water pitchers with spouts and big spoons and your toddler will spend hours scooping, pouring and mixing grains in the bin. You can even paint the noodles offering a total exploration of color, texture, sensory, and fine motor play for tots. Once again, this simple bin has kept her busy for HOURS scooping, pouring, dumping, and sorting. We love creating, learning, and crafting together and we can turn anything into an adventure.

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