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But as I said, the study leaves lots of questions to be answered, so what did the study find and how did they find it? I fear the media beat up the research article you refer to will generate another scare along the lines of the MMR.
One thing I have to say though, I find the reliance upon medical records to be frightening.
My challenge is certainly not TV, as I haven’t watched regular TV in 7 years (except maybe the Wimbledon and some sporting events). In spite of the minimal exposure to TV – say about 20 minutes of TV every 3 or 4 days – he still points to the TV asking for it to be switched on the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.
I’ve heard stories from other parents where their 14, 15, 16, month old can manipulate the iPad or the iPhone with ease. 2)   No screens as distraction: We don’t encourage iPad or TV while eating as a distraction.
5)   Spending time outdoors: The other day somebody said to my husband – your son is always downstairs. I do understand that if you’re a fan of television its unfair for you or others in your household to give up for the sake of children. Just stumbled across your blog and have been glued to it for the better part of the past hour.
I had so much fun reading through the blog and there are so many things that we have similar thoughts about. Thanks shreya.the less the child has, the more he or she will use her imagination and be able to spend time with herself.
With regards to TV time, try and do things with the lo in another room while TV is going on make it like reading time or build blocks etc. I am now raising two boys (a baby and a toddler), being as natural a mamma as possible in todays modern world with regards to food, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, potty training etc. Join me on my journey as i follow my instincts and try to make sense of this crazy ride called motherhood ! Onto the document itself… The document isn’t a “breastfeeding” contract, it’s a “Mother-Baby FEEDING Plan” (emphasis mine) and a “Parenting Decision-Making Tool” (you can see the full document in PDF by clicking here). This respect bit is where I want to end.  One of the things I like about this form is that it should increase the likelihood that a woman’s choice is actually respected. Breastfeeding is great, but to stretch the truth on the risks of formula feeding seems a little unkind to me, especially when breastfeeding can be difficult for so many women. Here are a few studies on a few conditions —(I actually pared it down and can post more if you want) What studies have you seen that do find breastmilk protective? Most research I have seen says that breastfeeding can help with diarrhea, constipation, and some other GI issues.
For of the long term benefits there is more of an association, rather than a causal relationship.
There seems to be a fair bit of confusion over the different methods people use to approach an upset child or baby: Do you distract?
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I’ve read my medical records, I know other people who have read their medical records. Therefore if your life revolves around TV or screens its almost certain that the little one also, being raised in a high media environment will take to it like a fish in water. I do have some iPad apps, which I’ve downloaded just for him, which I show him once in awhile.
Luckily my 15 month old cannot and is pretty clueless around technology and I plan to keep it that way for as long as I can. My husband and I watch a movie once in awhile in the night once the little one is tucked in. IF he does need some distraction at times, I will tell stories, make funny faces, sing, and dance.
But until the child learns that this is mom and dads tv watching time, and I should play in my room, I do believe that you lose some to win some.
I’d love to hear what steps other parents have taken to make sure that you have a child who is not drawn towards multimedia at an excessively young age! The only purpose those apps serve is so that the little one is distracted while the parent gets things done. I am just beginning to awaken to the Paleo way of living mostly because recently my body seems to be getting intolerant to gluten and diary. I really try and curb TV time with my daughter and trust me it gets harder as they get a little bit older. I haven’t made up my mind about paleo lifestyle ( I love my dairy products), but I can certainly see a similarity in out thoughts regarding tv. Very very difficult when thoughtless stupid people tell you that you are the one who is stupid!!!
I've made positive changes in my health and that of my family and have applied the evolutionary outlook to various aspects of my life from birthing my second baby at home to various aspects of parenting.
The research I have read links formula feeding to obesity, gut problems, allergies, and more. It was emotional, and I was scarred for some time – I sought out an online support group to work through some of it.

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Therefore as soon as he sees me on the iPad he makes a beeline and settles on my lap hoping he will get to watch the good stuff and then gets upset when I put it away.
Other than that my husband puts on the TV on Sundays and watches some news or cricket but that’s about it. Since we live on the first floor he goes down very often with my help just to kick around a ball and burn up some of that toddler energy. In this case the win is creating good habits at a young age and ensuring that you’re not going to let your child grow into an inactive couch potato. It certainly hard to give up things like bread but its great to have the knowledge that its not impossible to replace them.
People really get carried away with toys and gadgets and media and it just seems so artificial in young hands. Many (modern)moms these days are seen giving their young kids iphones and what not just so that the child sit calmly in a place and won’t disturb them. Join Julie and Robert as they explain static electricity in a fascinating (and hair-raising) experiment.
In this episode, Julie and Robert conduct an experiment that shows just how powerful air pressure can become. Enter Universe 25, a population experiment using rodents to mirror the fears of human overpopulation.
I know of people whose medical records indicated c-sections for vaginal deliveries for heaven’s sakes!
I rather not spend time on the laptop or iPad when he is around (which is most of the time). We have a favourite corner where we read for almost 40 minutes every afternoon and he fetches his favourites these days.
He is tired and active and cannot spend much time in one place even if I do want to put on a DVD for him once in awhile. But it becomes almost impossible to maintain this when we have grandparents glued 24*7 to the tv set, saas bahu saga..
If anything, as a formula feeder it’s even more important to know the risks so I could know what things to look out for in my child. When I put on a nursery rhymes DVD for instance we watch it together, I sing to him and point out things therefore making it an interactive experience. Medical records won’t be a reliable witness until and unless the patient countersigns everything within a reasonable amount of time!

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