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I love letting Liam try new foods and I’m curious, what are your toddler’s favorite snack foods? Oh, and if you were wondering, the blueberries and strawberries went first, then the cheese, broccoli, chocolate chips, cookies and crackers. This entry was posted in baby food and tagged fruit, ideas, recipe, snack, toddler, vegetables. If I had to take a wild guess, it sounds like a touch of separation anxiety — that first full week in the toddler room, maybe?
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I think Amy’s advice for this particular issue sound very good, but I gotta say I do not like that Toddler 411 link at all.
Dear Lord, neurotic, I can’t even get my 8 month old to sit still to cut his finger nails.
I agree with the poster above who suggested a little snack (of a cracker & warm milk, perhaps) before bed.
In a short while he’ll be waking through the night to go to the toilet-that manipulative child! Before you know it he’ll be 18 and waking you up when he sneaks back home after a big night. Go with the flow on what you think is right for him and before you know it you will have forgotten all about this stage. Affiliate RelationshipsWe have affiliate revenue relationships with Amazon, and with other retailers that are handled by third parties like Skimlinks, RewardStyle, Commission Junction and Linkshare. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum!
We can never get enough of yarn crafts, which is why this next project on our line up of Valentine's Day ideas by 2 Little Hooligans incorporates this versatile craft material.
These easy to make heart-tokens are fun for the whole family, and they're perfect gifts for your child's classmates and teachers. I’m always trying to offer him healthy choices and some days we have a Smorgasbord of snack foods. Cheerful, healthy, bright, talkative, appropriately destructive curious, full of good things. Each time we’ve given him a hearty cracker or two (we have these big whole-grain ones he loves) and a bottle of warm whole milk.

Way to rigid with the ages, implying that going past 1 yr with a bottle is absolutely not allowed.
We ignored the dire warnings from our parents, and experts, as did the kid, who on night four, slept all the way through the night, which he has consistently since. Last night he ate a big bowl of Greek Yogurt, the night before he just nursed (yes I still nurse, he will self ween like my daughter did). 2 Little Hooligans mounted hers on poster board to make Valentine's Day wall art, but if you have any leftover, put them in a large bowl and you'll have a beautiful centerpiece to compliment your Valentine's Day meal. I think once you find the theme and the food, the next most important think is the games and decor. He eats, drinks, goes back to sleep, and sleeps late – about an hour longer than usual. However, rest assured that our affiliate relationships do not guide our product recommendations, at all.
The way to make a birthday party perfect for children is to cater to their specific likes and dreams with the games and decor! He eats what we eat (except espresso drinks, liquor, and things with hot sauce), and he eats pretty well everything. My daughter did get hungrier and ask for food more often when going through growth spurts, and so there was a short period of time when we’d offer a small snack right before bed time (prior to bed time routine).
I could convince myself that maybe he hadn’t eaten that well at dinner that night, etc. It seems that for those three nights, there was something going on, and he really needed food. My daughter was very different, slept solid at night and during her growth spurts she would pig out but during the day. It lasted months but we have a tall, scrawny 2-year-old so I’m guessing he needed it.
And I have a 28 month old child who, in spite of being a nightmare waking-every-hour-or-two baby, is now a thoughtful, responsive, highly communicative, co-operative, sensitive child – the exact OPPOSITE of a terrible two.
He always wakes up in the middle of the night crying and the only thong that can stop his crying is only when I offer him the crackers. We just cut a large section out of the watermelon (down to almost the halfway point horizontally), shaped the front a bit, and took out all fruit.
So a fairy theme or princess theme is great for the little girl that loves those things, and so on.
If it helps at all, I can tell you that it was 3 cakes (1 9x 13, 2 rounds, and a bread loaf pan).

Please help, we would all like to get back to sleep and also an adorable and beloved toddler wailing “Hungry?
But, she was never an early-to-bed-sleep-for-12-hours kid, so there were always a good 2-3 hrs between dinner and bed. I also don’t like the mis-information about a child needing a parent to fall back asleep.
Then I realized that it had nothing to do with anything besides wanting to hang out with mom for a while in the middle of the night. I think every child is different and society wants us to think our children need to be programmed and we need to control everything even thing that might just be a normal part of their growth., they should be doing this, not that and so on. We mixed the fruit salad together in a separate bowl, added it back into our hollowed out watermelon, and added our Bucky sails to make it a ship! I pretty much stopped cold-turkey after a week or two, although I would still give him a sippy cup with water if requested. The requests stopped quickly, although the overnight awakenings continued to be a problem for the next 3-4 months (argghh!).
I have had times when I woke up hungry at night before, sometimes I eat other times I just go back to bed. If it is a growth spurt, he won’t need the snack for very long, and you can distract him into some other pre-bedtime activity. I pretty sure it was ALL seperation anxiety – at the same tiem he started having trouble with daycare drop-off, going to bed, and taking naps. Place all the cut hotdogs into a pot of boiling water until the tentacles start curling (just a few minutes). We also served up Pirate Punch (a variation of our favorite green punch recipe) and had some drinks on ice outside in an awesome cut whiskey barrel! Those who brush after formula are right to- but those brushing after nursing are wasting their time (unless you count the acclimation- it Will be easier to brush teeth the earlier and more often you do it!) If it’s only 3 nights- so what and why wake the kid more? Starting the 2nd night on I insisted she could have snack as long as she brushed after (she has Always Hated brushing, but knows it’ll never be optional).

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