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Top 10 Baby Nasal Aspirators-->Everyone suffers when a baby is unable to breathe freely due to nasal congestion.
With the BabyComfyNose, users employ human suction instead of battery-generated power to remove mucus from a small child's nose. While users aspirate noses using the Graco NasalClear battery-operated unit, children hear happy tunes as a form of distraction.
Easy to use, the Safety 1st Clear Tip features a removable tip so parents can clean it, which provides a more hygienic experience when removing mucus from nasal cavities. Parents can use the Arianna Baby-Vac to remove mucus by inserting a special adapter into a household vacuum cleaner to make use of the machine's continuous suction.
When operating the Ubimed Cleanoz, parents can extract mucus with one hand, which frees the other hand to gently touch and reassure the child. Parents can use the Summer Infant Nasal Aspirator with infants and toddlers, making it a useful baby care item for many years. Parents can look through the clear cylinder of the ZoLi Breathe aspirator to check the amount of mucus in the reservoir. After use, operators can clean the washable parts of the Bebesounds Nasal Clear aspirator in the dishwasher, making sure not to wash the base.
Parents can use this device to remove mucus from the baby's nose without irritating the nasal membranes using human suction. If your baby is born in a hospital you will probably be sent home with a bulb syringe like the one pictured above.
Gently insert the bulb syringe into your baby’s nostril while gently pushing the other nostril closed with a finger from your other hand. Remember to always squeeze the bulb syringe before inserting it into your baby’s nose or you will blow air into her nose. A few years ago a gal at our church asked me to cut her baby’s fingernails because she was so nervous about it. However, I did suggest to her that she try filing her baby’s fingernails instead of cutting them. Hi Jackie I’ve been searching places to find a syringe just like that, and its no where to be found I’m wondering would u be able to know?
I got that bulb syringe at the hospital because it was the one they used on my baby when she was born.

Keeping hands washed, and sneezes and coughs well covered can help to keep cold germs from spreading. Everyone knows the symptoms of a cold: sneezing, a stuffy or runny nose, and feeling cranky. If you're the parent of a young child, however, dealing with colds may seem almost never-ending.
Now that we're in the middle of the cold and flu season, Terri Felix, a pediatrician at the UC Davis Medical Group clinic in Carmichael, has some insights into how to handle the misery that a cold brings to an active child's life. Felix also notes that parents should avoid giving aspirin to children under 18 unless recommended by a doctor.
Since small children cannot relieve themselves of nasal discharge, parents can assist by removing excess mucus using the proper equipment.
Unlike a nasal aspirator where the bulb goes into the baby's nostrils, the baby is free from harm as nothing goes inside of the nose with this device. Owners insert a soft nasal tip into the child's nose and use a mouthpiece to create suction to remove mucus. Parents can use the aspirator to deliver a strong but gentle suction that restores the child's breathing to normal.
Caregivers can purchase disposable replacement tips as well that store easily in a travel bag.
The Baby-Vac automatically adjusts the vacuum's suction so mucus comes out gently without causing any pain to the child.
The manufacturer recommends that users put a few drops of saline solution into each nasal cavity to loosen up mucus first.
Babies get relief from congestion with this two-piece device that opens easily so parents can clean the inside. The tips have a silicone coating for easy insertion, and parents can turn the unit in any direction to clear baby's nose. Users have two choices of silicon applicators to use depending on the type of mucus the baby has. In addition, the Nasaline Nasakleen aspirator features a filter to keep bacteria from transferring across the aspirator, and it comes with a case and replacement filters. Parents can purchase an aspirator to help a young child get relief from a stuffy nose that makes breathing difficult.

I did see some on Amazon when I checked just now so try there if you can’t find one locally.
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On average, normal preschoolers get six to eight colds and other respiratory infections every year. It has been linked to Reye's syndrome, a potentially fatal condition sometimes seen in children with certain viral infections who have been treated with aspirin.
And keeping those hands washed and sneezes and coughs well covered can help to keep those cold germs from spreading.
In addition, The aspirator does not contain bisphenol A (BPA) or phthalates for parents concerned about contact with chemicals.
Standard facial tissue fits into the BabyComfyNose aspirator and serves as a disposable filter. To prevent contamination, parents can use the disposable nozzles for up to 24 hours before throwing them away. Buyers can simply make an online purchase, wait for the product to arrive, and put it to use quickly so little ones no longer suffer with a stopped-up nose.
While handwashing and other measures remain very important, colds are so easy to catch, they can be hard to avoid. With your child lying down, use an eyedropper or bulb syringe to put a few drops in each nostril. There is considerably more reluctance to prescribe antibiotics these days without clear indications that they are needed. Experts now realize that overuse of antibiotics contributes to the development of drug-resistant strains of bacteria.

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