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A number of daily activities can be thought for a toddler and a daily activity sheet can be maintained. Fruits are known to be healthy foods for the toddlers as they help the kids get the essential nutrients like calcium, iron and the vitamins needed by their bodies. When the thought of attention deficit disorder comes into mind, many people visualize a kid who is out-of-control, constantly moving, playing and hitting the walls and disturbing everyone around.
While some children are known to be hyperactive, there are others who may be used to sitting quietly, having their attention far off. As parents, it is natural and also inevitable to be worried about a toddler's learning activities. Playing time is supposed to be one of the very important components in the development of a child.

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This will help to ensure that the toddler is engaged in different activities for a specified number of hours.

Playing and learning activities designed for toddlers should have fun elements and should also be stimulating. The daily sheet will also help you keep a track of the routine that best suits the toddler and the kind of activities it is most interested in. The body needs iron for making hemoglobin, which is necessary for the delivery of oxygen to body’s organs and tissues.

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