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If you have an allergic reaction to price, your toddlers can still reap the benefits of the digital age.
There are three Android tablets on the market that are actually built with the toddler set in mind.
New to the market is PlayBase’s Karuma.  Playbase is a sturdy and relatively inexpensive at $270. If Android or iPad tablets seem like a bit of overkill for your toddler, there are other tried and true options made solely for kids. Because reading is also central to a toddler’s development, the new Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet ($250) has a rich selection of kid’s e-books available, runs all of the Android apps, and even has a goodnight story feature where you can record a story for your kids to play when you’re not around.
Is this only the beginning?  I spoke with Lynn Tessaro, creator of the site Tablet for Kids. These digital natives, as young as about 1.5 years old, can interact successfully and happily with quite a variety of applications on tablets and smart phones.
There are many other tablets on the market that are available specifically for use by kids. Before I purchased a Nabi Jr., I was letting my oldest daughter (2 years old) use my Android phone while my wife let her user her iPhone. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Android, educational, games, kids, Tablet, toddlers. I thought my daughter would learn great lessons with this device, such as number recognition, phonics, and spelling.
With the Android tablet market becoming increasingly crowded, Toys R Us has decided to take a different approach and target children. It may be difficult for some to imagine a kid-friendly tablet, but you can start by taking Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and stripping it to the bare bones so it becomes easier to navigate and operate. For parents of tech-savvy toddlers, it’s a clever way to provide a safe Internet surfing environment and also get your kids to stop stealing your tablet to watch SpongeBob SquarePants cartoons. Failure to wear seatbelts is the most common offence that motorists in Gauteng commit on a daily basis. A second girl who was among more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram in a raid on their school in the northeastern Nigerian town of Chibok more than two years ago has been rescued, a spokesman for the Nigerian army said on Thursday. A Louisiana legislator tabled an amendment, arguing that strippers in the state should not weigh more than 72kg or be older than 28, SkyNews reported. When Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema does ita€s ita€™s a€?outrageous and disturbingly irresponsiblea€?. Pep Guardiola has already been doused with the obligatory shower of beer as he said goodbye to Bayern Munich fans last weekend with Bundesliga success. The challenge for the Blitzboks in the final leg of the 2015-2016 HSBC World Sevens Series in London this weekend is to mentally pick themselves up for the tournament. South African cricket should brace itself for a drain of talent and experience in the next two years due to a weak currency and the sport's increasingly complicated politics. Scottish golf course Muirfield has lost its status as a British Open venue after voting against admitting female members, the sport's joint ruling body the R&A announced on Thursday.

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While there were hundreds of CD-ROMs for kids designed for these machines, eventually they all fell off the map.
Vinci Genius, the pioneer of these tablets, stands out from the crowd with a strong, tempered glass screen and graspable handles. Its innards are similar to the Playbase, but its user interface makes it easy for kids to read, watch TV or play games.
Using a mouse or touchpad and keyboard is typically a bit too complicated for the youngest ones, but they all sure can use touch screens.
At first, they can watch and tap which lets them have fun with bubble pop and tap-and-see-what-happens games. This includes the Wings learning system which is correlated to the Common Core State Standards (which match up to what your child will be learning in most US schools).
The edges are higher than the screen itself which can make it difficult to tap on-screen items located in corners and near edges with your finger.
Next, preload the tablet with 50 assorted apps that are designed to engage, educate and entertain children.
There are many reasons why, but most important: the kid had to stay tethered to your only home PC, and you ran the risk of having your kids destroy some really important information on your very valuable computer.
I’m more than a bit amused how quickly this space is growing, but if you’ve ever seen a toddler with tablet you’ll see there’s magic. And unlike the others, Vinci has a prescribed curriculum and set of objectives to accompany the hardware. Reportedly, a “mommy mode” will let mom borrow it every once in awhile and play something other than Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja – both of which come pre-loaded on the tablet. Unlike the others its apps come on cartridges which cost significantly more than downloaded apps, but Leapfrog has years of experience in building solid kid’s products with a learning curricula. As of this writing (March 10, 2013), the Wings system is not yet ready to be used which is disappointing. There are no advertisements or popups or in-app purchases for your kid to accidentally click on (at least not with anything that comes pre-installed).

Additionally, users can download and install the Amazon app store for access to tons of apps. It is less of an issue with the little fingers that the system was designed for, but it should be noted. The drawback of letting her use our phones was the worry that she might accidentally make a phone call, delete emails, freeze up the device, drop it in the toilet or dog water bowl, etc. We’d read many good reviews about the fact that it was made to withstand drops, and Nora was actually really careful with it.
And finally, include a custom app store that offers thousands of additional programs that have been pre-screened to make sure they’re content and age appropriate. According to an early look by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, children’s content made up nearly half of the 100 top-selling educational apps on iTunes in 2011. And the tablet is priced affordably at just under $100.  Watch a four-year-old demonstrate on YouTube. Tessaro, whose background is in special education, is particularly passionate about the use of tablets for kids with learning issues, calling them “a miracle device”. There is no ability to use the Google Play store, but the Amazon app store is nearly just as good. Sometimes there is about a 1-second delay after tapping to open an app, but it shouldn’t be too annoying or distracting (neither for adults nor toddlers).
If losing all your apps will become a big issue, definitely hook up the Nabi Sync feature so that you can get everything back (hopefully). Parents can download apps and games that match their children’s growing and expanding needs and interests. To those who own iPad already my advice is simple: get yourself one of the childproof cases to protect it.
As in other products like Hooked on Phonics and Baby Einstein, Vinci Genius has a mission to grow a smarter child, and faster.
Unfortunately, we are all a bit spoiled by the performance of technology in 2013, so it may be more annoying for some folks who might have inexplicably high expectations of a $99 tablet.
If you assign your kids chores and want a cool system for managing it, then check out the chore chart.
If you are the type who is open to buying apps (as opposed to just getting the tons of free apps out there), then you might want to buy some Nabi coins to buy them from the Nabi system. This gives you additional access to thousands of more free apps and thousands of more paid apps (many for 99 cents, but going up to higher prices as well). Go to the Apple Store nearest you and try them out; just be warned, it’s sort of like walking into an animal shelter.

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