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We have provided for your convenience a list of our Size Charts for each designer name that we carry. Anemia is also seen in early infancy growth spurt and with catch up growth in premature low birth weight babies.
It is always advisable to have a professional seamstress take your child's body measurements then compare with the related size chart. Please also note that special occasion dresses can run 1 to 2 sizes smaller than casual type clothing that your child may be fitting into. Parents happily meet increased feeding needs during the active growth phase, but get anxious when the intake falls a little or shows no further rise.
The food required is based on bodya€™s needs, which vary with the phase of growth.Do not let a "stretched-out look" of early teenage exasperate you.

The effort involved in learning to feed adds to the negative balance.Do not mistake this for loss of the spurt of infancy. Here also it is due to rapid growth and is described as a€?bleeding within circulationa€?Related pages of interest are indexed in the right column.
Hence, the importance of taking your child's body measurements, Chest, Waist and Length ( from top of shoulder or hollow to hem ) then compare with manufacturer's size chart related to each specific brand.
Nevertheless, if the weight loss exceeds 10% of the birth weight, or continues beyond 10 days, medical consultation is recommended to rule out failure to thrive. The rise in intake is directly proportional to the increased demands of the fast growing body.The great growth spurt of early infancy begins to slow down after 6 months of age. High milk intake obviously accompanies fast weight gain.It usually takes 6 months for the prematurely born and IUGR (intra uterine growth retardation) infants to catch up with their normal expected weight and height.

Healthy meal times together with healthy foods that meet the likes of each child prevents the development of wrong food habits, lasting psychosocial conflicts and eating disorders.
It surfaces in girls more frequently than in boys, because the girls at this age lose blood during menstruation.
Knowing the general pattern of growth acceleration helps understand childrena€™s normal growth pattern, and avoids lasting psychosocial conflicts.

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