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Cascades Elementary School teachers were accused of using payment strategies to limit students' bathroom use. An elementary school an organ thought it had a great way to limit kids from going to the bathroom too much during class time it decided to charge them imaginary school money.
At this point I called the doctor’s office insisting on a referral to a pediatric urologist. Yes, please send me e-Family newsfor weekly parenting tips, strategies and resources from early education experts.
We will be in contact with you within the next 2 business days to set up a time for you to visit our program and see our teachers and curriculum in action. Get informative and expert childhood development tips, research, and fun home activities from Bright Horizons. Each child will learn at their own pace and it may take several months to see regular success.  Your child may be able to control their bowel and bladder well before they decide they want to use the potty or toilet every time. If the kids went over there a lot of limits some parents -- think it's unfair and they're pushing back.
Actually, four times in the past 27 months, it just all happened to be in the same two weeks.
Here I was, over two years past potty training and I was now having to wake my son up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.
I had decided I would reevaluate after a week when I knew he could use the bathroom whenever he wanted and when he was in my direct supervision all week.
I knew an appointment could take some time to get and I wasn’t going to wait any longer.

Your child may have been successful for some weeks, but then may go back to having lots of accidents or wanting to be back in diapers.
They just don't -- -- my children should be punished for having -- -- Dresser and even if they didn't take advantage a recess break. The first night at our vacation home, while reading stories, he went to the bathroom six times – six times in 20 minutes!
While initially the nurse dismissed me, she called me back about 30 minutes later to explain that the doctor wanted to put my son on a medication for overactive bladder. My son will be staying on this medicine for about another week and hopefully this chapter will be closed. The entire time during this process I had to continually remind myself that I am my son’s best advocate. This can happen especially if there are upsets in life, like starting daycare, moving to a new room or having a new sibling.
We packed in the beach day and headed off to the drug store and immediately started my son on oxybutynin. These behaviours may cause frustration for parents but it is important to keep calm and  keep the focus on what is going well with their learning. So cascades elementary school camp with another -- if kids use the -- outside the three designated break times.
Two days later, while sitting on the beach, my son screamed and writhed in pain saying “my penis hurts” about every hour.
This is just another reminder that as a parent you have to follow your gut and if the first answer doesn’t seem to be the right one, keep pushing until you’re comfortable with the course of action. They -- lose two minutes of recess teachers argue that kids can fall behind if they spent too much time out of the classroom.

By the following Sunday he had four more accidents during the day and wet the bed two more times. That continued throughout the weekend and then on Monday night he had his first bed-wetting accident.
While we waited to see the doctor he had to pee so we quickly got the nurse and gave them yet another sample.
He’d had an accident in his bathing suit on the beach and never even mentioned needing to use the bathroom.
He does this periodically and usually a whispered “I love you” and a kiss on the forehead settles him down.
There was nothing off in the test and no sign of constipation, which I learned can lead to accidents. The doctor encouraged me to be patient and not to be too concerned because while he wet the bed it was not consistently.
Since my son doesn’t flip around in bed normally, the location seemed a little strange. The doctor explained the change in routine may be causing things and things should return to normal soon. Rather than wake him, I put down a towel to cover the smell (since it was no longer wet) and let him continue sleeping.

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