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Toddlers with a runny nose due to allergies can usually safely be treated using antihistamines. Well, I pretty much didn’t sleep the night before because poor William got his first cold. We affectionately refer to the NoseFrida as the Snot Sucker or Boogie Extractor in our family (perfect for a family of boys). So, please take my word for it and get one of these babies–you won’t regret it! Filed Under: Uncategorized Jessica Morrison Leave a CommentAbout Jessica MorrisonJessica Morrison is a thirty-something mother runner to three young boys. As a mother and a runner, I believe strongly in helping others to live a healthy, active life.
Read previous post:Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2014I am having a hard time believing it's December 1st already! This OTC medication has helped me through the worst allergy, cold and pneumonia year I have ever had.
Treatment for a toddler’s runny nose is different from treatment for an adult, because some medications taken by adults can be dangerous for children. Runny noses associated with a cold or flu are generally accompanied by considerable congestion and produce mucus that is thick and yellow or greenish in color.

Make sure to purchase antihistamines specially formulated for children, and follow the directions.
If your toddler will tolerate your sticking a bulb syringe in his nose, you can gently suction excess mucus out that way. Be warned– when you first see this device, you might be confused and even throw up a little in your mouth. I started 30 Something Mother Runner to connect with other moms (and dads!) who run, but it has morphed into something much larger. I couldn't breath through my nose, my sinuses practically stuck together they were so full of histamine. Toddlers with a cold or the flu will have additional symptoms such as fever, body aches or chills. Saline spray inserted into the nose can help draw out mucus which, after it is blown or aspirated out, can temporarily relieve a runny nose. My three sons (ha ha, I still love saying that!) and my husband have become afflicted with the latest cold going around.
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As always, please consult your doctor with any medical issues, or before beginning a training program.

Dry air can irritate your toddler's sinuses, so placing a humidifier in his room may help alleviate his runny nose. Make yourself comfortable and stay for a while to see all of the fun things we have in store! Toddlers with allergies will also exhibit symptoms like itchy or watery eyes and sneezing but will not have fever or body aches. Toddlers with a runny nose due to a cold or flu may not benefit as much from an antihistamine because these drugs address allergic reactions rather than infection.
Over-the-counter cold and flu medications are not recommended for toddlers under 2 years of age because of potentially harmful side effects (acetaminophen and ibuprofen are safe for other symptoms). If your toddler’s runny nose persists along with cold or flu symptoms, see the pediatrician for prescription medication (antibiotics).

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