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In making this costume, a person could take a plain t-shirt and write the simple phrase” “Vegetarian Zombie” on the front. We tousled and teased her hair, then added some fake leaves and other debris (after all, zombies usually emerge from the ground).
From there, we took some old blue jeans and ripped and bloodied them with fake blood (brown eye shadow works to create some of the dried blood and gore). I retouched his skin a little bit because you couldn’t see the zombie makeup in the picture very well. This festival activities include carving pumpkins, attending church services and costume parties. Barbie is normally thought of as a head to toe pink wearing blonde, but here in the infant-toddler Barbie Costume section, we feature ensembles like the Barbie Precious Little Pirate Halloween costume which shows that Barbie can also pull off black, white and red pirate gear.

We did this for the shirt underneath as well as the shoes she’s wearing (save your old pairs for future zombie use!). She is carrying a loaf of bread and a cob of corn, all appropriately torn and bloodied (this is where artistic license comes in with the blood on the grains and vegetables). Based off of a German doll, Barbie made her debut in the United States in 1959 and has evolved from a zebra swimsuit wearing model to a woman of many trades. Since Barbie is a woman of many trades, we will never know what character she will take on next. From Business Woman to Scuba Diver to Flight Attendant, Barbie has become more than just a doll; she's become an icon with her own empire. Check in periodically to see our other infant-toddler Barbie Halloween costumes so that your little girl can become her favorite doll this Halloween season.

The Barbie Empire is made up of the blonde doll herself as well as her closest friends and love interest Ken. As we all know, Barbie always has numerous accessories, so be sure to check out our accessory section to make the infant-toddler Barbie costume even better. From movies to kid's cars to toys in general, Barbie has done well for herself, while maintaining her shapely figure. Perhaps you'll find a pirate sword, a pink wand or frilly shoes to make your little one's ensemble complete.

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