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If you make homemade gifts for your kids, grandkids, daycare kids or students at Christmas, you will love this collection of 70+ terrific homemade toys that you can make and give. I’m sharing them early so you’ll have lots of time to plan and get busy with your crafting!
With the holidays not too far off, I’ve been busy, gathering lots of homemade gift ideas. Recently, I rounded up dozens of homemade gifts that kids can make for grown ups,  and that post was so popular, I thought I’d share sharing a collection of  homemade gifts that grown-ups can make for kids. I got a little carried away because, holy cow, there are a TON of homemade toy ideas floating around on the internet.
These simple lacing frames are easy to make and great for helping little ones develop their fine motor skills. Shaped foam lacers are easy for little hands to grip and a fun way to practice threading skills. I see countless hours of creating and re-creating here with this gorgeous potato head felt set. Babies and toddlers will LOVE exploring all the textures and gadgets on these awesome sensory boards by Fun at Home with Kids. Make a latch board like Domesticesq did with random bits and bobs from the work shop or hardware store. Check out how Roadkill Rescue turned an old dresser into a larger-than-life Barbie house. Handy storage drawer in the bottom! Upcycle the drawers from an old bedside table into this adorably charming dollhouse by Semi Proper. Help your little one learn to spell his name with this simple homemade name stamp by Mama Papa Bubba.
Decorate homemade cards, wrapping paper or fabric projects with this spring flower wine-cork stamp.
Fresh Crush transformed a night-stand into a play kitchen for about $30 using cast-offs and inexpensive accessories.

Turn your recyclables into a variety of colourful, fine-motor toys for babies and young toddlers. Crafts on Sea has a homemade tag blanket that will delight babies with its crinkling sound and soft, satiny tags. Childhood 101 shows you how to turn your family photos into a cloth baby book for your little one to enjoy. Attempting Aloha transforms a sock into a glamorous hobby-horse that any little rider would love. Check out how Dyan turned a few dollar-store shower curtains into this awesome toddler parachute. A quiet book is perfect for those times when you need to keep your kids busy… and quiet. Turn an inexpensive oil-drip pan into a gigantic magnet board for the playroom or classroom. Did you know you can make your own silly putty? – Coffee Cups and Crayons shows us how. For those of you who like to sew, Cakies shows you how to make a simple A-frame tent for the kids to use indoors or out. Turn a set of wooden blocks and some family photos into these nifty, interchangeable people puzzles. See how Hello Wonderful turned a skateboard deck into homemade balance board to help develop core and large-motor strength. This bucket and rope contraption was free to make, and it’s provided hundreds of hours of open-ended play here in our backyard.
Fun with Kids at Home shows us how to easily add a pop of vibrant colour to a set of plain wooden blocks. Babies and toddlers will love exploring the colours and textures of these homemade sensory blocks.
A colourful button snake is easy to make and helps little ones develop their fine motor and buttoning skills.

Put together a sewing basket  filled with lots of goodies for a preschooler to explore and practice early sewing skills with.
Make an adorable stone tic-tac-toe game to match your child’s favourite colours, like this one from Eighteen 25. Story Stones are fun and easy to make, and great for narrative play, and developing story-telling skills.
If you love to sew, this amazing car mat would be a super project and keepsake to make for your child or grandchild. And Next Comes L has some great felt food ideas that you can make for your child’s play kitchen. Turn a package of inexpensive kitchen sponges into colourful foam cakes and cookies like the ones Inner Child Fun made. Make an inexpensive, portable light box using a kitchen storage container and an LED light. And Next Comes L shows you how to turn a basic pegboard into a light bright game for your home or classroom. And last, but not least:  take your block building into a new dimension (literally) with a set of these homemade velcro blocks by Chasing Cheerios. 25+preschool activities by 25 bloggers, 10 printables, 50 links to activities not featured in the book all for $8.99! Toys made from old furniture or from items in your recycle bin, toys made from stuff you already have around the house, and toys made from inexpensive thrift shop finds.

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