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In this article, I touch upon three key principles, which will start to put you back in control of your home.A  The more challenging the toddler tantrums in your home, the more important it is to have a comprehensive game plan. In many ways, toddler frustration is understandable.A  Theya€™re beginning to make their way in the world, and find that mom or dad is often saying no or setting limits and they dona€™t like it. And already, the key feature of the emerging tantrum is evident.A  Your toddler is now pulling at your attention.
Yes, initially we may see that a child can be a€?talked out ofa€? a tantrum or upset.A  Yet, as time goes on, we see that these efforts to talk the toddler out of a tantrum only leads to more frequent tantrums and tantrums that escalate more quickly and violently. Toddlers need to accept the limits of their reality, and the more you accept this truth — the quicker theya€™ll get through their tantrums and go on to live calmly and peacefully with structure, routine and consistent daily limits.
If not accustomed to this, it is an excruciating experience for mom or dad.A  It can appear as if your child is falling apart! The problem is that we tend to put adult interpretations on a toddler tantrum.A  We imagine how much upset they are feeling, and think how horrible it would be for us to go through this. This is not your childa€™s reality.A  They are not feeling the pain they appear to be feeling. Instead, if you stay away from such interpretations, you will find ita€™s easier to stay on track. Honor these three tips and you will be on track for a rapid change.A  In the event that your toddler has severe tantrums that wona€™t go away, consider my Stop Toddler Tantrum Package, which will teach you not only how to eliminate tantrums, but includes bonus tools to build esteem, end whining and get your toddler to calm rapidly. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username).

Arts and crafts activities for toddlers are a great way for your baby to explore the world. Arts and crafts activities such as the paper pasta necklace are a great way to bond with your toddler.
This is one of the easiest arts and crafts activities for toddlers which develops the ability to create and imagine.
For even more fun ideas, click through the links below, featuring some fun ideas from some of my bloggy friends! You will only need uncooked tube-shapes pasta, paint, hole punch, pencil, construction paper, scissors and string about 18 inches long. Start by drawing different 3 inch long shapes on the construction paper, such as hearts, fish, starts or flowers. After 30-45 minutes, check the ice tray and if the water is half frozen add the craft sticks in the center of the cubes. Such activities develop your child’s motor skills, help build self confidence and self esteem. You can also use straws instead of pasta, although it would be more difficult for a toddler to string them.
Teach your baby how to use the feathers to brush paint onto the piece of paper and create shapes. For this activity you will need water, food coloring or tempera powder, an ice cube tray, craft sticks, and paper.

After all the cubes are frozen, take the tray out and leave it at room temperature until you can take them out.
There is no minimum age to start learning, because even the youngest baby can touch and explore materials.
Make yellow, blue, red and green colored water and spoon in the mix into each tray section. Awwww! ?? With that quote on the flower pot, then picture flowers seemed the perfect thing to put in! All you need is some paper, photos, and large popsicle sticks (these were the already colored ones, though you could easily paint some).
For the petals, I actually used my Cricut, but you could definitely cut them out by hand easily enough. Then, find some pictures where you can cut the faces out into a nice-size circle for the center of the flowers. With that simple addition to the back, grandma can enjoy the flowers but use the flower pot for something else!

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