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If you have more thant one child it can be natural to start comparing your kids to each other, or even if you just have one kids, natural to compare him or her to other children.
So, between sports, homework, dance classes and after-school activities, today’s adolescents are under unprecedented demands to succeed and are left with little time for just being kids. We begin to look for milestones, those developmental events that indicate our babies are progressing, and rightfully so. We beam with pride when our babies meet each milestone, and we dutifully note the date in our baby books. It’s important to give our children opportunities to practice new skills and to help them learn, but it pays to be realistic. This is a very simple, yet an interesting game that makes sure every toddler has a fabulous time. Another way to ignite their curiosity would be to make them observe how you prepare the solution.
Before your very eyes, your baby has transformed into a walking, talking little toddler with ideas of their own and an insatiable curiosity in the way they interact with you, their siblings and their environment.
This is such a wonderful time to enhance your child's development and encouraging their independence by giving them the tools and confidence to try new things.
Not usually something you see listed as a "fun" activity, however, children get a great deal of satisfaction from being able to help Mum or Dad with the grown-up jobs. Your children are beginning to understand and interpret personalities and characteristics of other people.
The ability to make-believe and engage in pretend play is a very special time of childhood.
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However, comparing kids is not such a great idea if your child realizes it, or if as a parent you start to put too much pressure on him or her. Nobody expects our little bundles of joy to do much more than eat, sleep, pee, poop, cry and look cute. Babies who don’t meet certain milestones by a given age may be in need of outside assistance, such as physical, occupational or speech therapy.
If our little darlings aren’t doing something when we think they should, we become anxious. We dangle toys in front of them in hopes of getting them to crawl, and we provide so-called educational or developmental toys. To panic any time our children don’t reach a milestone exactly when other babies do sets us up for a lifetime of worry, jealousy and regret.

Here we explore some activities that can easily be set up in the home and will make learning fun for your toddler.
Bedrooms can look a little more exciting and interesting under the spotlight, so why not make a game of it.
Choose some chores that your child can complete independently — such as sorting socks, sweeping the floor, or wiping down small tables. One of the most popular activities for toddlers of this age is to enjoy a pretend cup of tea with Mum or Dad. Playdough is one of the most engaging, developmentally appropriate and creative activities for the toddler child. LUHS students will be dressed up as special movie characters including Captain America, Kylo Ren from Star Wars, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
I have caught myself many times comparing my 15 month toddler to my oldest son when he was his age, and that is something I need to stop doing myself. We’ve all seen advertisements for audio speakers that play classical music through the womb to stimulate babies who are not yet even born.
And if your parenting instinct tells you that something is truly wrong, you can have your child evaluated by a developmental pediatrician or your state’s early intervention system. So don't worry to much and just enjoy and cherish your children while you have the opportunity to. As they play and have fun, they unknowingly gather knowledge, which moulds their future personality.
Just keep in mind that the sole purpose of the game should be to keep them entertained and happy. A reward usually instills confidence in kids and motivates them to do much the better next time. Choose four or five of your child’s favourite small toys and hide them around the bedroom or lounge room. If you can role model a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment in your household chores, then your children will very likely follow suit and will continue to enjoy helping around the house. If you don’t have any puppets at home, simply draw a face onto a paper bag and you have an instant puppet! Your child will love to set the table with their own little tea set and may even like to "bake" some biscuits or a cake that you can enjoy with your tea.
What starts as a ball of soft dough can be pulled, pushed, squished, rolled, cut, formed, squeezed and patted into anything that your child can possibly imagine. Bring your kids in to meet them and learn more about Extra Life for Kids and how to donate to this event that supports the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Each child is a unique individual and needs to be treated so, and as parents, our parenting style needs to adjust to.

It continues with sitting unassisted, crawling, pulling up, cruising, walking, talking, identifying numbers, letters and colors, reading… the list continues. If another parent’s baby is doing something particularly early, we become (admit it) jealous. Assistance, encouragement and opportunity are essential to helping our children work on their developmental achievements.
A more cautious baby may hesitate to pull up until he’s confident enough to know how to get back down without falling. Select simple body parts that most toddlers would know, otherwise they will get bored after some time. Join your child as you explore the room together, looking high and low for the mystery hiding spots. You can make storytime lots of fun by having the puppet read to your child — and maybe even act out some of the storyline! Of course your child loves the idea of having afternoon tea together and this is a an ideal situation to engage in small talk with your child, which will do wonders for their language development and storytelling skills. This is fantastic for little finger and hand muscles, as well as the fine motor skills required to coordinate all those fine details. Remember, too, the event is streamed live here at the library where root beer and pretzels are served!
What might work for one child may not work and need a totally different approach on a sibling. A baby who speed crawls may not want to walk because he can get to his destination faster by crawling. They will love this one-on-one attention with you and it might even become a favourite part of their day or week. Your child is limited only by their imagination, so encourage them to tell you about what they are creating.
Some people say that smaller babies can do physical things, like sit up, earlier because they have less weight to manage. Take a moment to observe your child in action — see the wonder in their face as they experience a sense of achievement and purpose from their creations.
Entertaining games are likely to keep toddlers and others who are present at the birthday party totally engrossed.

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