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Great for potty training, this hand painted potty chair sports the prince theme, as well as a toilet paper holder . Complete video at: Kevin Richardson, senior producer at MTV Network's Nickelodeon Kids and Family Games Group .
Molded from porcelain, as shown in Figure 1, toilets are the basic essential for a bathroom.
Most toilets are interchangeable with one another, and can be easily replaced as a DIY project or as part of a bathroom remodeling project or as an independent home improvement project. Toilets are not all the same and their ability to flush with lower quantities of water has required extensive engineering Toilets are basically made up of two pieces, the bowl and the tank, as shown in Figure 1.
Toilets also come in a range of seat heights and there are two basic bowl configurations, standard and elongated.
The diameter of the valve hole from the bowl to the tank - the larger the hole the more water that is released instantly into the bowl, providing a superior flushing action. The number of holes in the rim that release the water, the more holes the better the swirling action, the better the swirling action the better the bowl cleaning.

Toilets do not need to have traps installed within the drain plumbing system, because toilets have the trap molded into the bowl.
Many manufacturers have designed matching sinks or basins, including pedestal mount units and matching bathtubs. As with most items, colors between manufacturers vary and it is important, especially if sinks or basins, toilets and tubs are in close proximity that the colors match. Toilet tanks will come with their own flush handles, however many bathroom design accessories companies have made flush handles that match towel bars, soap dishes and other items.
Toilet seats now come in a variety of colors and materials, many toilets do not come with their own seats. TIP: When replacing or servicing a toilet it is always prudent to replace the floor gasket seal. It is also prudent to replace the toilet connector pipe that runs from the incoming water line to the toilet, as shown in Figure 7. In both cases when the original seal is broken, often a new seal will not be made when you either reseat the toilet over the drain pipe or when you connect the incoming water supply fittings.

EASY UP MOBILE COMMODE CHAIREASY UP MOBILE COMMODE CHAIR   1) Lightweight,rust-free,aluminum construction 2) Soft PU foam for maximum comfort. With the ever dwindling supply of water, manufacturers have been pushed to create toilets that require as little water as possible in order to properly dispose of waste material. Even one piece units operate in this manner, the only difference being, the tank and bowl have been manufactured using a common one piece mold.
If you are purchasing units from different manufacturers take a toilet tank top and place it on the sink or bathtub and look at the color variations, before you buy.

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