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A short walk at our luxury hotel, Cedarbrook Lodge (the deal made with Asheya for the savings of flying through Seattle). After a few days of sprinting everywhere (literally), we had our house packed, our house cleaned, and our bags packed, and that’s that. Eowyn was able to nap on me (quite easy for her, seeing as she distracted my final packing by waking up repeatedly from midnight to 1:30am, until I finally let her join my work by putting her in a backpack carrier).
Elias enjoyed watched some kid shows (he’s only watched a very limited selection of movies, mostly nature, in his life).
At one point, Elias turned off his movie and tried to nap (of his own volition), but after trying a few postures on the seat and the ground, concluded it was not possible.
Detailed, yet grossly simplified… You may have noticed packing was absent—that’s another list. I’m heavily constrained by family on which days I can go adventuring, so when Asheya’s grandmother came for a visit, I carpe’d the diem, if you know what I mean. The valley itself is a 33km one-way trip, but I had to add another 20km given my single vehicle. The warning against biking the Ibex Valley when wet proved to be unfounded, at least with the sort of moist days we’ve been having. I noted bear sign in the same area I’ve seen it before, near the end of the valley—a popular stomping-ground, I suppose.
The leg along the road was miserable, especially with the gravel stretches (who enjoys eating gravel dust?), and I hope to never bike this part again.

Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. This toilet can be extremely helpful for daycares or preschools looking to have a toilet lower to the ground, helping toddlers go to the potty easier!The Baby Devoro Round Front Toilet is designed with your child in mind, featuring an easy to use color matching handle and a low bowl height. I always love eating new fruits, like the purple pitaya, which I believe is essentially the Dragon Fruit I enjoyed in SE Asia. Manfred, the owner, picked us up from the airport, helped us buy cell phones and change money on the street the next day, and even drove us to San Marcos, where he coincidentally owns a small farm (he had to pay his workers this week). I’m very pleased to discover they serve great Mexican dishes, as I had heard this style of food was not part of Nicaragua. He illogically refused to try any technique to help himself: “I just want the pain to go away all by itself!” he declared between cries. Though not the intention, It’s almost an advertisement for MEC double chariots and the Yukon Wildelife Preserve—both deservedly.
I had hoped to overnight near Haines, and get in two hikes, but the weather was against me. As I’ve noted to myself many, many times before, foul weather bums me out before the trip begins, but hardly affects my enjoyment once I’m there (unless the views are heavily obscured). This space saving toilet is constructed of vitreous china and is available in an array of finishes to complement your decor. After a chorus of cries and excursions into restricted areas at the US border, we decided child tethers were a good idea.

They served the most gourmet breakfast I’ve ever had (ex: fine Italian sausage and smoked salmon). Come Sunday, and the last full day of her visit, I ignored the rainy day and the warning against biking the Ibex Valley in wet conditions, and off I went.
I got only a little rain splattered, and otherwise supped the crisp Yukon fall day time and again.
This Child's Size Toilet by American Standard also includes a 10" rough-in, siphon flush action, fully glazed trapway, and a speed connect coupling system.This package includes a white tank and bowl from American Standard, but the seat is a white Bemis plastic seat (Bemis 955C). A woman at a child’s store (something-8) called about 10 different stores, and then offered to loan me her car so I could drive to Target—she definitely gets the most-helpful-sales-person-ever award. These toilets help toddlers have more independence, its safer than having to worry about step stools or toddlers falling in! We also had the best Thai food of my life, outside of Thailand, at tastefully-decorated Racha.

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