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The American Standard tilting flush valve has two fairly large plastic cylinders (black sometimes white) at right angles to each other with a disc attached to the bottom.
Replacement discs come in the two different styles either snap-on or screw-on, so you should know which one you want before leaving for the hardware store. It's easy to push back too hard on the top of the valve or pull sideways on the disc and break the valve. When you find the flush valve overflow pipe rises as you turn the flush handle, you have to unscrew the small (one inch) disk on the top and lift the entire overflow pipe up and out of the toilet in order to remove the replaceable valve seal on the bottom. After removing the old tank ball, flapper or whatever your tank uses as a plug, clean and polish the edges of a metal seat with fine steel wool.
Anytime you have worked inside a toilet tank always check and make sure the thin refill tube is directing water into the top of the overflow pipe before you put the tank lid back on.
Also check to make sure that when you turn the flush handle that it does NOT hit the underside of the tank lid. Using a Flusher Fixer Kit (Fluidmaster, Inc.), you can cement a new seat directly on top of your old, worn flush valve seat.
While the kits can't be used with every type of flush valve, they can be used with most of them.

Study the installation illustrations to determine the position for the Flusher Fixer over the old seat. With the flapper closed and the trip lever (handle) in a relaxed (down) position, connect the chain to the hole of the trip lever, leaving a slight bit of slack. Okay, so this is How to Fix Your Toilet So that You Don’t Have to Jiggle the Handle Anymore, Ever. Every once in a while, part of the chain falls into the hole before the plug does and so the hole isn’t blocked completely and water continues to run through the hole and down into the bowl. Toilet Tank Fitting Dual Flush Valve, View Toilet Tank Fitting Flush Valve, ING or OEM Product Details from Xiamen Ing Sanitary Fittings Ltd.
When you jiggle the handle, you are jerking this chain out from under the plug, allowing the plug fall back into its hole completely.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Now, you will only ever have to do this if there is enough slack in the chain for part of it to get caught underneath the plug.
It sounds like the third position is the middle position and that that is the one that’s going to work best for your length of chain.

The only things I can think of are to try getting the flapper into the position where it blocks the whole hole and then attach the chain afterwards, and to make sure that there is nothing obstructing the flapper from completely closing over the hole. But if the metal chain were the perfect shorter length, wouldn’t it be impossible to get tangled on itself? If you shorten the chain so that it’s not long enough to get caught underneath the plug, then it won’t ever get caught underneath the plug and you won’t ever have to jiggle the handle to loose it free.
Here is a pretty straightforward video on how to do it but it sounds like there’s something else going on with your toilet, unfortunately. It sounds like what’s happening is that the water is slowly leaking through the flapper.
After enough water leaks through, then the tank realizes that it’s not completely full and refills itself.

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