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Using the lift is simple with an easy to use operating switch built into one of the optional arms (not included) which provide added support and comfort to the user. The arm-rests can be raised to facilitate side transfer to create more space in the bathroom if required.
This enables many users to toilet independently, thus providing a higher level of dignity and causing no embarrassment to the individual.
When it's in the down position, the lift functions as a normal toilet seat and can be used by any member of the household.
Hygienic - the bathroom by its very nature demands products that are easy to clean, the Solo Toilet Lift has smooth wipe-clean surfaces that require no more cleaning than that of an existing toilet.
Already the #1 choice of hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes, LiftSeat is now available for purchase for home use.
Why risk falling and injuring yourself when the LiftSeat is available to take the concern and worry out of using the bathroom. Jepang berencana memasang toilet di berbagai lift yang tersebar di sejumlah bangunan yang ada di negara tersebut.
Hampir semua lift di Jepang akan secara otomatis berhenti di lantai terdekat saat terjadi gempa.
Desain toilet tersebut antara lain terbuat dari kertas kardus yang bisa dilipat, yang dilengkapi kantung kedap air atau zat peresap.

Jepang memiliki sekitar 620.000 lift di berbagai gedung, sekitar 20 persen di antaranya berada di ibu kota Tokyo.
The Tush Push is a portable electric toilet lift which has become known for its dependability, safety, and strength. If the arm-rests are not needed a handset can be used to operate the lift (included as standard). Featuring a simple two-button controller, this product will slowly raise and lower you as needed. The product requires at least 11" of clearance from the center line of the toilet to the wall. Namun, ada beberapa yang macet di antara lantai-lantai gedung, yang membuat siapa pun yang ada di dalamnya tidak bisa keluar. Its lifting action is controlled by a touch control handset and has been honed so that it lifts in a natural motion, making getting on and off a breeze.
It can lift even more and is made to fit the toilets found in homes, hotels, and other places without drilling or other permanent modifications.
What is even more amazing is that all this ability comes in a package which easy to install on most toilets.
This warranty does not include any labor or shipping charges incurred in replacement part installation or repair of any such product.

And like a great comedian, underneath its humorous shell is a professional who has worked hard for years to become the best. And finally, the Tush Push's adjustable and removable arms place it a step above even the most talented comedian. If your toilet is higher than that, LiftSeat offers leveling feet to extend to your toilet's height. The defective unit or parts must be returned for warranty inspection using the serial number, when applicable as identification within 30 days of return authorization date.
The warranty shall not apply to problems from normal wear or failure to adhere to the instructions in this manual.The forgoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of any other express warranties.
Implied warranties, if any, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose, shall not extend beyond the duration of the expressed warranty provided herein and the remedy for violations of any implied warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement of the defective product pursuant to the terms contained herein.

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