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When a kitten is with it’s mother in the litter, play behavior includes biting and scratching.
When your cat exhibits biting or aggressive behavior, roll it on its back and gently hold him or her immobile until he or she calms down.
Save money!  Save Time!  Get inside your cat’s head to solve anything from litter box problems, biting, spraying, scratching, keeping you up at night, chewing on cords, jumping on the table, and more. Get inside your cat’s mind and understand 3 common reasons why cats bite… and steps you can take to “tame the beast” in your kitty.
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Aggressiveness comes naturally to them but if we are to live together in harmony, we must employ ways to curb this instinctual behavior. The reason the biting occurs when you are petting your cat is because your cat is attempting to take control of your relationship.
The mother will allow this kind of play and encourage it to the point where it becomes actually painful to herself and her other kittens.

If your cat learns to see you in that roll, your bond will be unbreakable and you will have cats that people with unruly cats truly envy. You shake your fist at the heavens, exclaiming, “will someone please show me how to stop cat biting!?!?!” This is an example of over stimulation triggering an attack. A serious bite can send you to the doctor so it is important that you watch for the warning signs that your cat about to bite. The feline mother herself will essentially socialize her kittens by teaching the difference between play fighting and real fighting. Obviously, the best-case scenario is to start when they are kittens because when the cat is grown, unwanted behaviors like biting are an extremely hard habit to break. It is crucial when playing with your kitten to put the focus on a toy, rather than your hand. Each time your cat tries to bite, even if in play, you must loudly and firmly command “stop it!” or “no!” After a while, your cat will understand the repercussions of aggressive behavior and stop biting. When you play with a kitten in that fashion, it starts to see your hand as a giant plaything and something to attack.

A fishing-pole toy is extremely helpful with this because it puts a safe distance between your hands and your cat’s fangs.
If this happens, you may want to stop petting your cat or cease whatever behavior is provoking your cat. This may be fine when the kitten is small and its bites aren’t as intimidating but eventually, that cute little kitten will be a full-grown cat with full-grown fangs! At that point, if your cat is still seeing your hand as something to attack, you will literally feel the pain of that mistake for a long time!
You must exercise restraint and compassion while taking your rightful place as the Alpha in your domestic pride.

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